Won't stay in 2nd gear

Blue Sky

New member
I'm looking to purchase an '84 Westy that I've located and the owner has a great price on it. Of course, that's because it has issues. The main issue is that the tranny won't stay engaged in 2nd gear. He tells me it's a synchro issue. Common sense says you don't know for sure without opening up the tranny for inspection. My questions: is it a very high possibility that it is just a synchro issue? Is that a fairly easy fix for a shop that knows what it's doing? Do I need to fear the worst and assume that it might need a complete tranny overhaul?
Unfortunately, I live 500 miles from where it's located. It hasn't been driven for 3 years. Licensing, and possibly driving it to a shop (vs hauling home) presents some challenges. I have big hopes that this could be the "baby" that I've been hoping to find. Appreciate any thoughts. :cool: