Window crank extenders for thick speakers?


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In going for the best speaker I could afford for the front doors, I had to accept very deep speaker grilles. Result - great sound, but I can't raise or lower my windows since the crank handle doesn't clear them. Any sources (or ideas) on to get something to extend the window cranks away from the door?


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Everybody as the same problem with new speaker!!!, new speaker come in tree parts;
1)- Speaker 2)-Plastic part holding the grilles 3)- grilles. Answer to your question!!!, get rid of the plastic part and use some small 5mm (1/4in) bushing between the door and the grilles for each screw, this is done to keep the grilles shape... You should be able to use your windows agan.
If you need more info contact me i will send you a digital picture of what i mean.
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AutoTech sells window crank spacers that add a little over .5 inch, they are expensive though, like $20 plus shipping. it was the only solution I could find at the time, so I got them. If .5" is not enough, I have heard that the window cranks that Bus Depot sells come away from the door panel farther than the original. BTW orhiker, what speakers did you get? what compromises your soundsystem?

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I couldn't remove the grilles and have protection of the drivers, so thanks for the lead to AutoTech, Zadar - I've ordered those spacers.
What's my system? "Extravagent but on a budget": the front drivers are Infiniti 6.5", with Infinity 5x7's in the rear, an 8" Kicker sub and 150W amp, a 10-CD changer & JVC cassette head ($850 installed). I also put $600 into sound proofing from Cascade Audio Engineering, and I'm pleased with the overall sound quality. Thanks, folks!


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I installed plastic "Rabbit/ Jetta handles which are inexpensive. Sawed the length down to clear the speaker and glued the knob back on with epoxy weld. Works fine, and looks better than it sounds.


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I have found a simple and cheap solution to the clearance issues raised by thicker speaker grills. The Bus Depot sells replacement window cranks ($1.95) that have angled shafts. These give about ½ inch of added clearance, more than enough for thin aftermarket speaker grills. The only down side is that they come in black. It looked a little odd at first on a tan door panel. But then again, if you are going for the totally stock look, you wouldn’t be cutting holes in your door panels for new speakers in the first place.


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Another solution to this is to "modify" the grills. For mine all I did was install the grills without the plastic ring that usually holds them. Simply flatten the grill out, use your template to drill holes in it and get some nice black hardware to mount it with. I have since "touched up" mine, but here are some pics of how it first looked. Not to shabby.
Just want to confirm to folks, that as of 4/04, Autotech still sells the 1/2" spacers for early model vans (<'88). Bus Depot's spacers are only 1/4".


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i cant find the spacers at autotech at all.. found the bus depot ones... just dont think they will give enought clearance.

could someone please post a link to 1/2 inch spacers?

thank you all


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I installed Blaupunkt 4" speakers in the doors of my 87 Westy, and used replacement window cranks I found at my local Kragen (Pep Boys also had them). They're packaged under a brand name called HELP!, in a red package, and are made for most cars. There were several styles and finishes (incl black plastic and chrome plated metal) and I bought a black plastic set with the largest offset. The speakers have a 0.25" grill height, and the cranks clear by about 0.1". Just make sure you match the spline size and don't overtighten the screw holding it onto the spindle.


Window crank extenders for thick speakers

great find for us that care how loud we are . Please check the accuracy and let us know. What is the name of it?
Found it...