Why does my westy quit?

Bush Betty

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Hi Fellow Westfalians!
I have a 1980 Vanagon that I aquired last summer. It hadn't been driven in several years, so I had it serviced (oil change, new transmission fluid, some front end and brake work) and it was running like a champ.
Then one day I started out on a little road trip. It was a hot and muggy day (+27 celcius) and the was a nasty headwind. I noticed that it was a little more gutless than usual on hills and it got worse the farther I went. I stopped to do a walk around and didn't notice anything alarming or unusual, so I carried on. The it started to hesitate and lurch, it picked up , but I turned for home. I didn't get far before it started to hestitate and lurch again and then it quit altogether. It wouldn't start, so I called my friendly neighbourhood tow truck driver and got a lift home. Once it was home, it started and it seems to run fine. I haven't taken it far in those sort of conditions again ( it doesn't get that hot in Northern British Columbia very often) so I haven't been able to duplicate the feat. I suspect my van was overheating, thoughts?
The garage that serviced it put 10w30 in it, according to the manual, this is ok to 10 celcius. It was a hot day. It is an aircooled vanagon.
Any advice would be very much appreciated.
Bush Betty and Trusty Rusty


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Old gas may be the culprit. Rust in the tank may be the culprit too. Cut open the fuel filters and see whats lurking inside. If its something that's Orange colored or specks of Orange, its possible that its rust.Are you running both the small square plastic filters and the large canister filter too ? You said.... " Once it was home, it started and it seems to run fine ". I say, its because the rust has settled down. Cut open the filters and report back with your findings.


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Hey All! Just wanted to say I've had my service done With Servicing Stop and they are really good! They picked my car up from mine on time, took my car to a local garage, called me up to confirm anything that needed doing and dropped my car back off to mine, all within the time they said! Quick and easy, would recommend to anyone who has a busy life or just in general!