What is the value of a 78 Westy Deluxe


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Got a 78 Westy that I had planned on restoring after the garage was built but wife now isn't interested in camping in this now(wants more luxury?) so now I'm looking to maybe sell it. It is the deluxe campmobile and interior is complete I guess and in decent shape for the age. The older couple I got it from used it yearly until abut 3 years ago. Seats need redone and canvas needs replaced but the rest isn't bad. Engine was running the year before I got it but has not been and I haven't attempted to start. There is some rust around the bottom of the panels and you can see where the previous owners bondo patched it but overall not bad at all. I was planning on replacing all of the panels but not now. What are some ball park values? I also have a few of the original books that came with it.