What is amperage of shore power cord?


New member
I've borrowed a 1986 VW Wanagon Westfalia from relatives who haven't used it for camping. The owner's manual doesn't tell me what amperage the campground power cord is. It looks to me like it is 15 amp. Is that correct?

Here are my other newbie questions about the power cord:

1. If is IS 15 amp, will I need an adapter for 30 amp to 15 amp at campgrounds or do they all have 15 amp power on the pole?

2. Will I need a surge protector at the campground outlet?

3. May I plug the camper in at home to my 110V outlet for testing and setup? If so, do I need an adapter for that?

4. I need an extension cord for the power cord. Do I need a special heavy duty RV extension cord (for the correct amperage), or may I used a regular heavy-duty 110V extension cord?

Thanks! I don't want to damage anything on this borrowed VW.