Westy salvage yards and used parts dealers -- do NOT post any parts needs here.


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Looking to see if anyone can recommeded places to find used parts for VW Westfalias.

Moderator Note: Edited to change to generic used parts source topic. Original post specific to locale & model which would not normally be permitted as a "parts wanted" post but commercial sources of used parts and VW specific salvage yards might be a valuable service as Westies age out. -- Capt. Mike
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Gord's volkswagen and porche. Located in Langely B.C. I've been there once before looking for a bumper,very helpful people.
Sorry I can't remember the number. Hope this helps.


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I've dealt with the guy a couple of times -- once to buy an 85 Westy that the guy brought up from Texas. You could also try Van Wonders in North Vancouver.

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Salvage yard for Type II Westies. This is NOT a recommendation.

There is a salvage yard for Type II Westies that approached this site for advice and references about a year ago. It is on the internet at www.bustedvw.com/ .

I have not used him, thus decline to make any recommendations. He did not respond to our suggestions and messages nor has he indicated any desire to participate in or support this site.
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Hello all, I would love to make a recommendation about two places in north central Florida. the first would be Sunray Bugs in Dade City FL (352)521-5660. a fellow by the name of Corky is the owner, he's very helpful and doesn't charge high prices. he has a few hundred vehicles of various model on his lot. he also has a 40 year VW mechanic with him who is just plain excelent. these people are by far the friendliest I have ever encountered. The other would be A&J Automotive in Land O' Lakes FL, (813)996-6306. They are friendly and helpful but deal in all air cooled so they couldn't help me very much. I truly hope this helps someone in need as I was in dire straits when I found them.


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I'm near Annapolis, Md. and recently delt with Joe Mitchell at BustedBus.com out of Boulder, CP (here referred to as bustedvw.com) and had an excellent experience. He's responsive, thoughtful and honest.

To me, finding a Type 2 parts supplier is like voting for President...if a person has integrity, they can figure the rest out. That's how I view Joe Mitchell and BustedBus...they have integrity.

Through their actions and words they demonstrated a willingness to go more than the extra mile to satisfy a customer and were professional and fair-minded in doing so.


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I have visited the wrecking yard many times. They no longer allow visitors in the yard, but it is a VW paradise. Pretty much any part you need, they've got it. They ship parts (big or small) all over the US. More than once they have sent entire nose clips clear across to the east coast.

Highly Recommended for all your Westy needs.

B W Auto Dismantlers, Inc.
2031 PFE Road
Roseville, CA 95747

+1 800.327.0888
+1 916.969.1600

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Transferred to consolidate same topic.

RCB Power Member posted August 27, 2004 05:28 PM

The original posting about the Westy owner looking for a used refrigerator was deleated by the Capt. I reposted here under parts.

You might try BW Auto Dismantlers up in Roseville California. The toll free number is 800-327-0888. I have purchased some items from them in the past and Jeff has allways come through with what he had advertised as"being available"

Another source to try for new and used parts is Tassi Inc. Their located in Colma. California, and the phone number is 650-755-1355. They sometimes run a coupon in the Advertiser and its good for 10% off. You can always bargain and bicker with them as well.

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I wrote to Busted VW with a question on the practicaility and availability of parts on a suggested repair proceedure and did NOT get a response of any kind.
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East of Petersburg, Virginia on U.S.460 there's a place called Mid Atlantic VW (AKA Giovanni's, I believe) and they have numerous VWs of all types. Only one Vanagon Westy that I saw (full of parts and too near the chained-up Rottweiler for investigation) but at least a dozen bay campers, including a few high-roof ones. There's also a nice sunroof vanagon with good metal and three or four Eurovans, including a poptop with non-camper interior (MV? Lots of body rust but OK interior). Happy hunting.


[Moderator Note -- contact info:}
Mid-Atlantic VW Parts & Restoration
6105 County Dr
Disputanta, VA 23842
Phone: 804.732.7327
2 1/2mi. east of 295 on US 460 Richmond VA area


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I have just purchased a used working refrigerator from Malahat Auto Parts in B.C.North Victoria (mine developed an amonia leak) When I was talking to them they said they have quite a few Westfalias and Vanagons in their salvage yard for parts.All the parts come with a 90 day warranty! 1-800-663-8820 ask for Spyke.Very friendly.

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Getting a parts van

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This is my first post, I enjoy reading the site and have learned a great deal. I tried searching for this- I apologize if it has been discussed previously. I have 84 Vanagon Westy with 184K, my first. My friend has an 1982 (120K) that has been sitting for two years and in very poor shape; if it is not saved it will be going to the junkyard. My question...is it worth trying to pull parts off it? It seems as if many parts will be interchangable with the 84? Any reccomendations or comments on doing this? Things I should think about ahead of time? I am located in Central Oregon, let me know if you need a particular part! I appreciate your time on the input.

Capt. Mike

Are parts cars feasible.

There is no right answer (Guideline #9). In very general terms . . .
Yes, there is considerable compatibility. The questions come from space, quality of parts, and needs.

One: Do you really need anything from the parts car? Keeping a car -- and all the attendant storage problems -- eats up resources. If you leave it out, it will continue to deteriorate at an exponential rate. Does your residence area even allow junkers? Space, security & safety? Old cars attract kids, vermin and typically complaints of neighbors.

Two: Do you have the facilities and tools to move the car into & out of storage to remove parts? And do you have the skills and tools to remove those that might be of major value? Do you have the restoration skills and facilities to rebuild everything you take from the parts car? If it's a 'wreck', you can assume most of the parts are, too.

Three: Value of time. Each part you use will require more than triple labor as you will have to remove it from the parts car, rebuild and restore it to reach the point where you begin your vehicle's repair. Compare the value of your time to just installing a new or reman part. Time is valuable.

Four: What is the life expectancy of a salvaged part vs. a new one? They already have the same mileage as the parts car on them. And is warranty of a new part worth anything to you? Do you even know the history of the vehicle? It may have been subject to fatal damage such as salt, flooding or owner abuse.

Five: Parts cars tend to be most valuable only if you are restoring a vehicle that is out-of-production AND parts are generally scarce to unavailable. The Westy does not fall into that category. You also should have a specific need that can be addressed by the parts car. It does no good to purchase a parts car that has all the same parts damaged or worn out as your service vehicle on the assumption you may one day need a part. And, unfortunately, this is generally the case. That car became a 'junker' because it wore out the same parts you're wearing out. The body probably has the same rust and defects. There are exeptions. If you have a specific need that is addressed, it might become worth it. The best example I can think of is if your Westy camping interior has been trashed or butchered, and the parts car has a good, serviceable interior, then very expensive camping parts might justify it. But if you are looking for service or consumable parts, such as brakes, alternators, A/C, etc., it's probably not cost effective.
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I have dealt with Malahat Auto north of Victoria over many years. They have LOTS of hard to find VW parts and their service and attitude are excellent. Highly recommended! I'm actually going to call them about a part on Monday.