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:cool:This is a new board and experimental, so I don't know how it will work and what protocol will finally evolve. Right now, posts are by locale. We're still waiting for a US -- East of Miss. River topic.

If you know of any Westy rental companies; please post in the proper locale with the name & location clearly stated (you can use the bold UBB Code below). If they have a web site you may place the URL as well as any other details in the message text. If you have experience -- good or bad -- with a Westy rental company, please post that here with their name and location clearly stated.

If you are looking for a rental, this is one exception to our no "wanted" posts rule; please ask in the desired locale and hopefully someone will respond.

5/15/05: Please post the time frame of any Westy rental wanted posts. Rental wanteds will be deleted after the trip period (not responses). If no expiration date, I'll probably delete after 90-180 days. -- Moderator

:cool: Please, if you know of a rental but have NO personal experience with them, SAY SO! A recommendation carries the responsibility of letting the reader know your exact level of experience.
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Demand for Westy Rentals

jmcr90 Junior Member # 1790 posted 08-04-2001 01:42 AM

A buddy of mine and I were kicking around the idea of starting a Westy rental company.
A couple of questions for the group:

What would people be willing to pay per day/week/month to rent a Westy (86 or newer)??

What would be the best place to locate such a business? NorCal and LA seem like good options with great weather year round and lots of good sites to see. Any other ideas??

What would your expectation of service be? If you broke down 2,000 miles away, dou you expect me to hand deliver another one to you?

The lack of other rental outfits suggests that this may be an enterprise filled with headaches and little profit, but I figured I would tap the knowledge of this group to flush the idea out some more.

Thanks in advance for your response.


Camper Member # 1227 posted 08-04-2001 05:51 AM

Hi all,

Before we got our westy, we had a Ford class "C" motorhome we rented out on several occasions, we found this to be a big mistake as renters don't care about your vehicle the way you do, the extra maintenance/repair proved to be bad economy. The extra cost for insurance (to allow renal use), greater wear/tear, etc. made us re-think renting. My 2 cents worth.............


lovinlife Junior Member # 3445 posted 02-19-2002 03:33 PM

I think there is a high enough demand for Westy rentals to support a business. That's how I stumbled across this site. I'm desperately trying to track down a Westy to rent from my home in Chicago. I don't think LA is a wise location due to the competition that already exists in that market, and the fact that VWs are still very common there. The farther east you travel the more rare they become. You may do better in the Midwest or East.

I don't think any customer could expect a hand delivered Westy if one breaks down. You may be able to offer a coordination between the traveler and a service shop where you can wire money or a credit card for fast service and repair. That might work, just a thought. What do car rental dealerships do in that situation?

Since I am currently looking for a rentable Westy, I've thought about how much I'd be willing to throw down, and for a post-86 I'd say about $1000 a week, give or take $500, with a possible mileage constraint in which you could charge for every 100 miles over 5000 (random numbers here).

I really hope this works out for you. It's a great idea, and if you can get to Chicago by summer I'll be your first customer! If you have heard of any Chicago-land Westy rental dealers, PLEASE let me know!


New member
Capt mike

I posted a message on this board last week re westy rentals in Dorset in the UK asking for feedback from this sites users.

This morning I noticed it has been deleted.

It wasn't an advertisement, it was posted in the right area and was a general post asking for feedback and inspiration.


I know that this site is generally for Westy owners in the states but thought that some may be interested in renting a westy when they visit the UK - especially as one of the vans is an American market LHD model.

Obviously I was wrong!

If this site is solely for US citizens Then i'll go elsewhere - there's plenty of excellent Euro sites dedicted to VW campers/Westfalias - they are European after all!!! If not, please explain why has it been deleted?

not happy!! - I look forward to your response.


Capt. Mike

I don't keep deleted posts but you probably started a NEW topic on a rental in Europe, either looking for or telling about one. Guideline #1 states in red letters NOT to "Post New Topic" for a variation or add-on to an existing topic. A "European Rentals" topic already exists in the WESTY RENTALS forum! Any post on UK rentals belongs there.

Then you post an INVALID email so I can't tell you why cut or where it goes. It's difficult to have much sympathy for someone who won't follow the site guidelines and then obstructs our ability to tell them how to correct or repost. I will NOT even attempt to guess what somebody's altered/phony email should be so they don't get the usual detailed courtesy message everyone else gets. If you change your member profile to show a valid email, you will get a detailed message whenever a post is moved, edited or cut.

Guideline #4 suggests all new members spend several days reading the site to get a good idea of existing content and site protocol. That would also have taken you through several site topics devoted to site use & protocol such as the "New Boards" and "Disappearing Posts" topics in JUST CONVERSATIONS. There are also several about site guidelines in the CHAT ROOM including a lead-off post in the current open chat.

No, this site is not just for the US market. In fact, it's not even American owned or operated. So you've jumped to unfounded conclusions condemning a site for something that was not a site fault but a posting error. With over 8,000 members world-wide, tight moderating and adherance to the design format of "a few large chapters" organized along VW's grouping system is necessary. The "Kudos" topic in JUST CONVERSATIONS shows the success of that format.


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Capt Mike,

'Big apologies' if I posted this and my previous post in the wrong section. Your site works quite differently to most of the discussion boards that I have used. Yes, its a good format for such a detailed site and I will try to follow the guidelines in future - I read the Kudos section - lots of happy campers!

Re my Invalid email: I have checked my User profile and my email address is definately correct - don't know why I didn't get the courtesy message - should I re-submit my details?

Re Europe: there two 'Europe' topics in the rentals forum, which appear to be the same thread - must have confused me into starting a new topic! My topic was headed 'Westy rentals in UK' - Us Brits find it hard to know whether we are part of Europe or not, due to our 'fence-sitting' government!

I appreciate the time and effort that goes into editing and maintaining an easily navigable discussion board and when I'm looking for information to cure one of my Westy's woes, this site is very good.

Please accept my apologies and move this post to wherever it should belong.