Westy Extra Seat Options - OEM & Non OEM

Capt. Mike

Go to your dealer (Guideline #8) and look at the parts fisch. Plate 129-50 shows the seat & all mounting hardware. The seat belts are on plate 118-08. Diagrams (w/o part numbers) are posted in the Tech Diagrams folder.

The belt is a fairly generic lap belt -- no shoulder harness. The buckle end is one of the types on a stiff wire so it holds it reachable rather than falling down beside the seat. That's for convenience and something like the flat plate bracket on the driver's seat buckle should suffice. Mounting is generic seat-belt stuff (which are SAE sizes, not metric) with some spacers and plastic caps for looks.

The mount is ingeneous in its simplicity but complex in production. There is a horizontal bar bolted to the fender well behind the front passenger seat. There are seat belt mount plates at the ends and a receiving catch in the middle.

The vertical frame for the seat sits upright and drops into two peg sockets in the floor. There is appropriate hardware to reinforce and water-proof the floor sockets. Depending on VW's whim the day yours was built, those may or may not have these mounts already in. The top has the matching latch for the above receiver. It has a simple pull release. Thus one places the seat frame bottom pegs into the sockets and rocks the seat toward the front to engage the catch. Release is the opposite. From the fisch, it appears the receiver bracket and belts remain in the vehicle when the seat is removed.


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Went to the local dealership to see if they could help me find any of the mounting hardware/seat belts to install this jump seat to no avail. I believe the only part that VW is still offering (from the parts numbers from the fisch) is the non-retractable side of the seatbelt - and that was $118.00! GoWesty is selling the same piece (aftermarket) for $19.00, so I think I may source from them. The dealership really tried, though. They spent some time calling around for me as well.

The search continues for the mounting bracket and floor pieces..........


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I had a jumpseat installed at GoWesty in 2005 when I bought my 1989 van. They actually used the drivers side jumpseat which I have found that I like better since the seat release handle is on the door side and can be more easily actuated when loading my kids in. You should be able to find used components on thesamba.com or ebay as I have seen seats and hardware on both of those sites. Be careful because the mounting bracket is different for the right and left side. FYI, I got the impression at the time of installation that the floor lugs were more work to install than they look like.


The late edition vanagon Multivans had two rear facing jumpseats, each behind the front seats, complete with belts. It seems that you should be able to find some in a junk yard. The mounts should be pretty strait forward if they were offered O.E.M. The Multivan seats were easily removable.



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Rear fold down seat for Eurovan GLS

I am looking into purchasing a 2003 Eurovan GLS and I am wondering if the sweet fold down bed seat that comes in the Westy version can be attached into the GLS? Any advice is much appreciated.

[Moderator note: This post was deleted by member but has been restored. It is legitimate and in the proper place. This person wants to put a non-original Westy style seat in a Eurovan, thus fitting closest to "Extra seat options -- non-OE." It is not sufficiently unique to require a new topic.]
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Possible to add a third seat to a '77 camper bus

Hi, I'm considering purchase of a Westy.

Sorry I'm still learning much of the terminology etc.

One of the local options is a 77. It has the rear bench and sink / cabinet along the driver side. We are a family of 4 to be family of 5 in about 6 months so question is if it would be possible to add one of the rear facing seats as a retrofit? Obviously would want something secure with seat belt etc.

Also, I'd be interested in some general pointers of what models and options would be good to consider for sleeping for 2 adults and 3 kids under age 5 (meaning smaller, but not wanting to outgrow it right away. We are okay with cozy).
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Extra rear seat in in California T4

Hi All, I'm new to all this so bear with me (first post!!). I'm looking for a westy but need at least 5 belted seats. I saw a picture of an extra row of seats fited into the floor rail with 3 point belts. Anybody know who makes them? I'm in the UK.


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Vanagon rear seat/toilet cabinet

Go Westy is making a replica and I believe they will be available soon. It was in their last newsletter. It is not on the site yet.The newsletter was Feb's and it stated 30-90 they will be available
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Most of the posts here are older so I'm not sure how often these are read. I am both new to this site and to Westy ownership. I drove them a lot backin the day, but am finally able to grab my dream machine- a 1986. I have a single middle seat ( captains chair type ) with the box underneath that I'd like to explore selling. It weighs a ton! Anyone out there?


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Hello, I am trying to find a place where I can purchase rear facing jump seat for my Westy. Can someone share some possible vendors. I have had no luck searching Google... Thanks so much


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I hope this is the proper place to include this post. If not - my apologies to Capt. Mike.

I am looking for extra seating options for our 89 Westy GL (third child on the way.) I've researched the options of the two person middle seat, captains seat and jump seat. I'd love to get experienced feedback on the pros and cons of these options as well as find out if there are any "aftermarket" alternatives that anyone has come across.


Mine was sold new, in Portland Oregon, with this one


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Hello. We have owned our 1984 Westy since 1992 and just invested a ton of money into overhauling most of the fuel and cooling systems. Anyway, back in the '90s we had a third child and got an extra seat for our van that we were told had been for a Wolfsburg Edition. We made some modifications and used the seat in our van for a few years. But for the past 15 years the seat has been unused and taking up space in our garage.

Now we want to sell it but have no idea what to ask. Any ideas?

(The first pic of the extra seat in the van is not installed but placed in the position where it had been installed previously.)