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I hope this is the proper place to include this post. If not - my apologies to Capt. Mike.

I am looking for extra seating options for our 89 Westy GL (third child on the way.) I've researched the options of the two person middle seat, captains seat and jump seat. I'd love to get experienced feedback on the pros and cons of these options as well as find out if there are any "aftermarket" alternatives that anyone has come across.


Clarence, have you gotten any info on the 3rd seat ? I will interested to find out the availability and pricing of an original seat in excellent condition.
What color interior do you have ?



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Hi Roberto. I've got a grey interior in my '89 GL. To answer your question, my research has come up with prices ranging from free to $35 for the bare bones vanagon vinyl two-person track mounted middle seat to $50-100 for the standared (plush) 2-person middle seat, to upwards of $450 for the single captain's chair (track mounted) with storage bin underneath. I have not found any prices for the jumpseat but I think this is they way to go for extra seating. I have heard they go for around $50, it mounts behind the passenger seat and that they fold up when not in use (maximizing storage and walking space). The only cons I can think of are that the jump seat does not come out as easily as a seat on tracks and you ride facing the rear.

If anyone has pics of extra seat options in use, I'd love to see them. We've got 6 months until baby #3 arrives! Our options are to find an extra seat or get rid of the Westy Camper and buy a Westy Weekender. We have opted to "just say no" to Aerostars, Windstars and Caravans. There is no comparison when it comes to storing clothes, toys, food, camping gear, and porta potties when transporting kids for any distance. We used to own an Aerostar and it was a bloody mess with kid stuff all over the place (not to mention the hardest engine in the world to get at!) Now all our kid stuff is tucked away neatly in closests and drawers, still leaving plenty of room for my fishing rods and float tube!

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Thanks for the link to the jumpseat photo.It really helped to see one I'm wondering if there is seatbelt for these jumpseats. I too am needing extra seating for my 1984 Westy, but have to be able to buckle up.

Any info would be helpful!


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Were the jumpseats standard equipment for any particular types of Vanagons (regular, weekender, full camper) or an option. Also, what years were they available? I'm trying to get a handle on how difficult one will be to find. I have seen several captains chairs and benches offered for sale, but only one jumpseat and it was the wrong color for me. Looked in the Bentley but didn't find any references to jumpseats.

Capt. Mike

It was an option. Go to your dealer (Guideline #8) and look at the parts fiche. He should be able to show you the part number of the seat, color options, applicable mounting brackets and hardware, and if limited by other considerations to certain years, it normally shows the chassis number range. It is no doubt NLA as a dealer item, but the information will get you started. Finding obsolete parts is not a function of the site.

Don't get hung up on the "jump seat" term -- that was never a factory term; they were just removeable and picked up that name amongst Westy owners.


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This may not exactly be about child seats but... My next door neighbor, has a seat in her Westy that I have never seen before. It is OEM bench seat that secures to the back of the front passenger seat (via leather straps). A chemical toilet fits inside, very slick. She will not sell it; Has anyone seen this or does anyone know where one can be found?
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You didn't give model year (Guideline #3!) but it's not OE; such an arrangement would never pass the feds for safety and is not shown in the VW parts.

There was a factory VW seat for Vanagons that fit behind the passenger seat, facing rearward, that secured to built-in floor brackets, but no toilet.

Early Type II Westies (<'74) had a built-in seat behind the driver that had storage underneath. Permanent mount -- no straps.

Finally, some Type II models had a small stool that housed a trash can that was held between the front seats by straps but that was never meant to be used while driving. It was to provide an additional seat to the swing-out table.

That combination stool/trash can is available in reproduction from one of our members. I don't remember his post but search through various seat and interior topics as he also supplies reproduction seat covers. Use the search engine.


The toilet based seat was an aftermarket add on back in the late 60s that carried on into some of the camper variations in the 70s. however the correct seat always bolted up and was not strapped. the base could hold a porta potty or was used for storage. all versions i have seen of this were also fastened down at bolting points. I have seen a couple of vanagons with the jump seat modified but it still fastened up to the designed mounting points and was not strapped. Very unsafe. In this state it would get you a ticket if it was a strapped on seat and someone was in it when being driven.

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Referring to Gary's link and the photos of his "Jump Seat" addition to his Westy. I just bought my 3rd Westy (picking it up in 2 weeks!!!! for my wife plus 2 & 5 yo daughters and myself) I drive an '88 Vanagon/Weekender day to day and have been planning on transporting the pass side jumpseat. My Westy is an '87. Is the factory inserts that my Weekender has for the footing of the jumpseat standard on all '86 -'91 vanagons and Westy --- as I am hoping ?? Thinking it might make sense that they did it that way????

Thanks for any guidance with this.

Capt. Mike

No. And there seems to be no identifiable pattern as to which got the mounts and not. Probably part of an M-option group that prepped the chassis floor for several M-options of which the jump seat was one.
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I've got a 1986 VW Westfalia Camper and I am trying to find and install one of these "jump seats". Long story short, I have a source for the jump seat, seat belt and mounting hardware, after searching long and hard, but my part source is talking about, how I would need to weld the "hole" pieces to the flooring plates and the large mounting bracket to the back of the front passenger seat's compartment. I had thought all this mounting was bolted in place.

My westy does the have the middle seat tracks but no existing floor holes for a jump seat.
Does anyone have some insight into the mounting method or a reasonable solution.

Capt. Mike

Is your "parts source" a dealer -- Guideline #8!!!?

Go to a dealer and look at the parts fiche (plate 129-50 on my ancient edition). Everything it shows for mounting the jump seat is there and it all looks bolt-through to me. The fiche specifically states it's for 'after production' installation, and it's rather rare VW uses hotwork on after production installations.

Even if minor hotwork is required, such as to secure the mount lower reinforcement plates, with today's little MIG welders, it's not that big a deal.


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Capn Mike,
My parts source was the local vw dealer, who still hasn't got my parts and quite a few other junk yard parts people. Anyway, I was able to secure the mountings from BW dismantlers in CA, but they actually had to cut the floorboard mounts out of the deck so that didn't do me much good with the short time frame. All other mounting was mostly drilling and then securing with bolts. On the floor mounts since we had a veneered plywood over the steel floor, I drilled holes just big enough for 1/2" plumbing copper fittings which just were big enough for the posts.
That did fine for our Oregon Hood to coast relay running Event. We actually travelled up to Mt. Hood with 6 people and a full load of supplies. Unbelievable what that pancake 4 will do. The van, as we did, ran like a champ from Mt. Hood to Seaside, OR in just over 28 hours. OOOOra, Westies rock.


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Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on installing a 2-passenger bench seat into a 1987 Westy Camper? I have the seat and the rails that it slides into, but I am trying to collect as much information as possible before beginning.

Width wise, it does fit -- exactly!

I only use it as a camper a few times each year and I would really like to have a few extra seats for kids.

I have seen these rails mounted flush with the floor in an '87 Syncro and I am assuming (hoping) all floors are created equally. I imagine there will be some routing involved but if anyone has done this before, please let me know. I have the seat sitting in place now and I can just 'taste' how sweet it will be to have it able to slide in and out as needed.


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I installed a middle seat froma junk yard into my 83 Westy. I had to cut the floor board to make room for the tracks (actually had to cut one of the tracs a little shorter because of the fridge) and the seat fits in great. It can be mounted forward or backwards. Full access to the fridge and cabinet is compromised. I do not bolt the seat to the tracks because we usualy pull it out when camping (makes a nice bench at the fire). When installed rear facing and the bottom cot is flat the sleaping are is extended by the lenght of the middle seat bench. Gives that extra space to the dog

Also we figure since it is such a tight fit to the sliding door the only way it would slide during an accident woudl b if the door was open in which case we ahve bigger problems.

All in all an easy install, tracks bolt direclty into factory welded in nuts. Great way to add capacity.



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I am hoping for a little advice regarding the installation of a "jump seat" in my '87 Westfalia.

I am heading out to pick up a jump seat right now to install into my Westy. However, it is not coming with a seat belt or any of the mounting hardware. I am having difficulty finding the mounting bracket.

Does anyone have access to any technical drawings for the bracket? Being a machinist, I can fabricate one myself - I just need to know what I'm fabricating. The same goes for the circular "receivers" in the floor. I don't want to make them too tight on the seat posts or the seat won't rock back/forward onto the mounting bracket.

Being at the disadvantage of never seeing one of these set-ups before in my life, I need the help of some experienced Westy folks. Thanks!