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I am trying to gather interest in a Westy exchange club for travelers. Essentially It would work on a coop system, so that you would earn time by letting others use your Westy, which you could then spend when you travel by borrowing someone else's.

Any one interested


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I am interested, but only for an exchange in Europe. I have a Ford van, which is a little larger than a Westy, but essentially the same. Anybody know of anybody in Europe who would like to trade? We did this once before, with a couple from England and it was wonderful for both of us.


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Don't know of anyone in Europe, but I'll let you know. I am in CA and looking for an exchange in Hawaii for Christmas.

Please email me at jerry.lilly@netzero.com with your email address. I'll start an email list of potential exchanges.



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I'm very interested in your exchange idea. I live in Nova Scotia and I do alot travelling in the Canada and the U.S.. I have an 89 Westy that's in very good shape and I would'nt mind a fly and drive type of arrangement. I would feel better if it was an experienced Westy owner that I was trading with. You know these are oddball vehicles
and having somebody with a history in these vans would certainly help. I 'm going to Denver for a week Oct. 18th and a Westy would be a hole lot better than a Ford Focus, or whatever type of rent-a-crap I get stuck with. I think your idea could work out very well.

Capt. Mike

FYI: There was a Westy exchange club with its own internet site. It died about a year ago, apparently from lack of interest. The URL went dead but the comments and posts had dwindled to next to nothing. I think you will find lots 'want' to borrow a Westy, but aren't too thrilled with the idea of someone stranger flogging their baby around.

:( WARNING: Be VERY careful of your insurance coverage, liabilities and local laws/licensing. Also your owner liabilities for such things contraband found in the vehicle even after it's returned) and the latest camera-ticket schemes. Cover yourself AND the party you swap with. ;)
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I might be interested in trading vans with you. We have been thinking about a trip to Nova Scotia. My email is reimuller@mcn.org if you are interested.
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Flying into New York and then off to New Jersey to camp in the same spot for two weeks in January 2004. ANybody willing to do an exchange. I live in Santa Monica, CA. I have a 1990 Westfalia willing to trade time with another Westy. thanks, david


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Holiday Van Swap UK <-> US

Hi All
my name is Rory, I own a 1987 High Top Westfalia California here in the UK. I was wondering whether anyone might be interested in doing a "van swap" with my van to tour the UK. I would be interested in trading two weeks in my van in the UK for 2 weeks in the US in your Westfalia or perhaps somewhere else interesting ? Mileage would be limited to a mileage we mutually agree, van condition would have to be very similar (mine is all original, no rust, super clean and straight, and all works), professional servicing would be carried out, roadside assistance supplied, etc etc...
has anyone done this before ?
anyone interested ?
Id especially be interested in Northern California, Oregon, anywhere rugged and spectacular..
The van is available 14th - 28th August this year (I am on a regular holiday in the US with my kids) but could be made available at other times


Can supply van pics, personal references, can get van independently inspected...
Van is based in West London