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My family and I are looking for any information we can get concerning camping clubs in Alabama or south-east USA.
We are the proud parents of a '71 Westy named Heidi. She is anxiously waiting for new adventures.
Thanks, everyone!
Bill and Patsie

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Are there any Westy magazines, newsletters, national or state organizations?

I'm located in CA!

February 28, 2003

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I've had my post here for a couple of weeks and there hasn't been a response! Does this mean there aren't any or my question isn't important/technical enough for you guys?

Please post here or send me an email.

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Suggest you read the 2nd paragraph of the site Guidelines. Then check the attitude. This site is 100% volunteer. Nobody gets paid and it's nobody's "job" to answer posts. Even the server is privately funded by an individual. I dare say no member is looking down his nose because your question isn't high-tech -- the folks on this site have been great but don't run any sort of timetable.

Members are not likely to answer posts "I don't know." It's redundant and wastes bandwidth. They also tend to ignore posts that don't follow site guidelines or posts that ask questions that can be answered with just the smallest routine searches of the internet and talking to dealers.

There are dozens of VW clubs -- any devoted exclusively to the Westy? Don't know, but NEATO and LIMBO are just two devoted to buses and they welcome Westies and sponsor meets & camp-ins. There are several organizations listed in the EVENTS & ACTIVITIES forums by Bus clubs, often camp-ins.

There is a national VW Club endorsed by VW US. Many camping & RV clubs welcome Westies. Most clubs have publications. VW even has publications through its dealers; Parts & Advice was the longest running I know of and had many articles on Westies. There are several VW Internet sites with similar functions and info.