Westfalia water tanks safe to drink from?


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I am a proud new owner of a 1982 1.9 L turbo diesel Westfalia! I am very excited to take my wife and daughters out for some camping.

This is why I am concerned about drinking from the plastic water tank in my westy. Is it safe? Can I get a BPA free water tank to replace the old one? Does anyone make a glass lined or metal water tank for the westy? (I know, that's maybe a bit far fetched.)

Thank you so much and I have really enjoyed all the helpful discussions I have read here!

Stay well, David

James Conlin

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A dash of bleach

Fill your water tank 4/5 or so and add a splash of bleach. With the excess room in the tank, a drive around the neighborhood will agitate the mixture enough to get rid of anything that will kill ya'. Once home, run this mixture through the faucet to clean all tubing and fixtures. When empty open tank drain (under vehicle) and with a hose spray into the access opening on top of tank and rinse ( by the way, I only add water in this manner, not trusting the integrity of original side refilling system. This site is loaded with stories of side rot on vanagons from leaks in filling hose system. ) Close up drain plug, fill again, and run it all through the faucet to rinse it. I have NEVER done this with a van I have had for ten years but Captain Mike has suggested this procedure on this site. A bit of funk builds antibodies! Those sneaky French who persuaded us to BUY water have made us too cautious. No disrespect- Enjoy, these vans were made for small families!