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I own a 1966 or 1962 Westphalia Anhanger, this is a 14ft trailer. It is my understanding that the company made these prior to going into the business of camperizing VW vans. Does anyone know anything about these trailers or where I can find out more about them on the Web.

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Your info is only half-right. Westfalia made many products, including camper trailers before building the VW campers. In fact they own the patent on the detachable trailer ball hitch. To the best of my knowledge, until bought by Daimler-Chrysler, they continued to make trailers. But . . .

They built the first official VW camper for VW in 1952 but had already done a number of conversions for other markets prior to that. So your 60's vintage trailer was a concurrent product. See the "A Brief History of the VW Type II Bus" topic in GETTING A WESTY forum.


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Capt. Mike Thanks for the info. Do you know where I can find out more, I have looked for a Web page for the manufacturer, however I can't locate one.

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Suzanne Junior Member # 1188 posted 06-16-2001 10:00 PM

My name is Suzanne and I live in PA. I have owned many VWs but never a Westy. Throughout my outdoor shopping travels,I was able to pick up a little trailer. It has two wheels and 'Westfalia' printed on a silver plaque along with a lot of other information. Made in Germany.

Is this something that a true Westie lover would be interested in? I have read all the posts that I thought would say something about this type of trailer but nothing exactly fit.

I have a 74 Ghia Cabrio I named SAM. I'm worried it isn't capable of pulling this trailer.

Thank you.

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Probably not. The Westies have very strict trailer limits and I'd assume the Ghia's even more so, though I've seen it done. Be sure and go to your original owners manual and look for towing capacity. There will be 3 components: type of hitch, tongue weight and total towed wieght. You have to meet all 3.

Even if the trailer is small enough to tow with a Ghia, the added load and heat probably make it a bad idea.

The earlier posts tell you that Westfalia is a large company into many fields. They were making trailers before Westies and it's still a big part of their business. Amongst some of their far-flung enterprises is a cow milking machine, so Westfalia on the side doesn't necessarily mean any relationship to VW.


Thank you Capt. Mike for putting my post in the correct place.
This little trailer I am talking about it 3ft wide, 4 ft long, and has 2ft high sides. There are bar supports of about 1 1/2 ft arching to about 2ft in the center forming a covered wagon type deal. It has a heavy duty vinyl cover with several tie-downs the whole way around the wooden wagon making a WWW-type design.
The plate says
Westfalia - Werke - Wiedenbruck
Franz Knobel & Sohne K-G
Fahzeugtyp 121002
Fabrik Nr 132249
Zul Gesamtgeu 400
Achslast 400
The hitch itself says a whole lot more in German but has weights as 400kg and 50kg
It seems to be small enough for a Westie to pull although as you said, the Ghia really has a rough time pulling me and my dog! /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif
In reading the post from the other member, I see he had the same lack of luck that I had in finding any sight on this type of trailer. Hopefully, one of the Westie members have an idea of where I can look.
Thank you. I will keep watching to see if anyone replies.