Westfalia.org window sticker


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Hey brothers and sisters,vanagon.com has a window sticker for their members.How about we have a contest to design one for our website?
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Capt. Mike

I'm all in favor of a westfalia.org window sticker. Unfortunately, enough 'round-to-it time never seems to come up but I also want to design a calling card for the site that we can put under the windshield of other Westies we spot. With today's computer graphics, we can download and print out business cards so easily. Probably the same of a window sticker. I have made stickers that I then laminate that seem to do OK.


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This sounds like a great idea. I'd love to do it and would be willing to work with anybody else who is into it. The window sticker and the cards are a super way to 'spread the gospel'. Contact me at bob.d.graham@can.dupont.com and let's talk.
Thanks to John B. and Cap't Mike for the work they do for this site and the message boards.



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I think it would be pretty darn cool to have a .org to put at the end of the Westfalia logo on our poptops!! There's an idea for some web entrepreneur.


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I would so go for a Westfalia.org window sticker. I wouldn't mind helping to design it either, when I get my own computer back.