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We will be travelling with our two kids (2.5 and 7) through western states for the first time LA, up western coast to Seattle, accross to Glacier national park (route 2 intended) down through yellowstone to Colorado and across into the canyonlands to head back into Salt Lake City. June - Nujy unfortunately but only possibility with the kids.

Any tips really welcome, both of sites and free camping or park and sleep tips.



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Hey Luis,

Just did a similar trip last summer. Some highlights for me, and recommendations:

1. Rock Creek outside of Missoula Montana. Take the dirt road up along the river, lots of pullouts, good chance of seeing wildlife, beautiful area--and free to park and camp. Lots of areas with firepits too.
2. A nice thing to keep in mind with Utah is that there is a lot of public land down there. when I was in Utah, there were quite a few times when we just pulled off the highway onto some dirt road, drove up a little ways, and parked it. Really easy to do, really quiet. As far as the parks go, you really can't go wrong with the canyonlands. I had fun in Moab, Arches, and Bryce canyon, but I think any of them would be awesome. There is just so much great landscape out there. You'll have a blast. In any case, just look for the Bureau of Land Management lands in Utah, follow the dirt road and you are bound to find a place to park it.

One thing to keep in mind, if you are going to be visiting a lot of parks, consider getting a national parks pass if you don't have one already. It could end up saving you a lot of money.


Jason Rolfe

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I don't know much about Oregon--though my guess would be that if you're doing the coast, you shouldn't have any problems finding places to park and camp. Also, keep in mind that you can basically camp for free in National Forest lands. So if you're driving through or near a national forest, you can pretty easily just pull up one of those national forest roads and park in a pullout. I've done that plenty of times and never had issues.


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Oregon along the coast is fantastic. Lots of parks & all well looked after. You can log onto www.visittheoregoncoast.com for detailed information. Lots of lighthouses along the way, the Oregon Dunes where you can go Dune Buggie riding, great beaches with no private developments.
You should have a great time.

I am new to bth the Westy world and to the forum, but let it be known, you have a friend in Yellowstone. I work here, have a motorhome I live in full time, and an 86 Westy I will be towing. Bought it for weekend travel in the park and travel nearby outside the park. I work in the Visitor Center at Old Faithful, you may see my gold westy parked outside, cept, previous owner changed the letters to Eastfalia. I will be getting new decals.

Been seeing a lot f Westies through the park since I bought mine, not sure if I am just more aware, or there is a group here.