West Coast Metrics

Capt. Mike

West Coast Metrics (WCM) is perhaps they largest manufacturer and dealer of reproduction VW parts. The specialize in hard-to-find and discontinued parts for older VW's. Overall, their reputation for both service and quality of parts is good and I've seen their products used extensively in show quality restorations.

24002 Frampton Ave.
Harbor City, CA 90710
fax 310-325-9753
Web site: http://westcoastmetric.com/
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Capt. Mike

West Coast Metrics tells me they have had to discontinue a number of reproduction parts because they carried the VW logo. Examples: hub-caps, pedal pads, decals. These are almost exclusively parts VW no longer supplies, but I guess they don't want anyone to have them. Disgusting. VW should offer license to quality producers that fill the obsolete and NLA parts void they themselves can't or won't.

I did purchase a few engine rubber & plastic parts recently for an antique bug I'm doing some restoration on. Parts arrived quickly, properly packaged and were of excellent quality.