Water Shortages & Rationing Areas


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I'm going around Lake Superior In August and have learned that Ontario is rationing their water. Pukaskwa and other parks do not have showers or flush toilets available.Restaurants have closed their bathrooms(isn't that half the reason you stop at a restaurant?). The good news is that water tanks are available for filling water jugs at campgrounds and the prices are lower!Happy camping,I'll bring back a first hand report in August.


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First I've heard that. I live in Northwestern Ontario, west of Lake Superior, and there is no rationing here; however, you may have heard of the couple towns along the north shore that are having municipal water contamination problems, and in those vicinities rationing may be a reality.

I've camped all along the north of Superior over the years, and found the Provincial campgrounds to be excellent. I'm sure you could do a search on the web to confirm your report.



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Good day folks,
Leaving Monday from Montreal for Vancouver BC, I will be camping around the Superior lake region Tuesday night, any good suggestion about campground, I would like a view on the lake, of course...
Regards, Ben

Capt. Mike

Some Glacier country such as the NWT in Candada, is built on hard glacier rock and drilling for water is apparently cost prohibitive to individuals. There, some use a water delivery service and storage tanks for potable water source. I've had a remote facility 'decline' to allow me to fill my potable tank, but not to the extent of a major withdrawal of services.

'Sides, aren't you going camping to rough it? Our Westy with port-a-john can go several days without a water tank refill.

Many of the remote areas do not have running water, and there you can still fill your tank with a little ingenuity. You can use pump or stream water after treating. Although there are a number of filter units (topic started under WATER SYSTEM forum), there are some more basic means such as purification tablets and old fashioned bleach. Caution: Use only according to directions and health service guidelines!


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Capt. Mike, thanks for your input on the water situation.This will be my second time around Superior(in my second Westy).I don't carry a porta john but my solar shower is going along.I hope it's an isolated incident around Pukaskwa but in any case it won't spoil the trip.Campin' is always happy!