Wanting to upgrade my R.V. Power Converter to a smart charger


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So my power converter in my 1994 Westfalia ...failed and I understand replacing/repairing it may be cost prohibitive.
I'm running 2x 6v inline golf cart batteries as the house batteries and they have been awesome.

The 506 607 converter has labelling on it that shows "CONV.POS.", "CONV. NEG.", "+S", "-S", "+ LED" & "THERMAL S".
I can get a smart converter that has 120v in and 13.8v out but of course there are only 2 output wires.
I assume these output wires could simply go to "CONV.POS." & "CONV. NEG.", but I don't know what "+S" & "-S" or either of the other 2 do/serve. I think the "+ LED" is what triggers the HUD but expect 13.8 would be too much without a resistor.

My Question would be, what would be the best way to install a smart charger and still retain most if not all the original functionality?

Thanks in Advance!