Wall and Ceiling Covering


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I have an 82' Westy and the contact paper that is used to cover the wall and ceiling is peeling off and looks terrible. Any suggestions on how and what to replace it with? I want to take it all off but it would look worse without something to put up with it. Should I just buy new contact paper or has anyone else done something that will last longer?


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Try removing as much as you can by heating up the contact paper with a hair drier. If your real carefull you could also use a heat gun. The idea here is to warm up the glue thus releasing it from the underlayment. You can remove the "ceiling" to make it easier to work on. Coax the contact paper off with a putty knife or a broad knife. Id get as much off as I could prior to either painting or applying a new contact paper.
Any residue of the old stuff is surely to telegraph through the new stuff.

If your real brave...you could apply a paste paint stripper ( a water based one. ) It would immediately crinkle the contact paper and you could scrape it off a lot easier.It would also quickly soften up the left over glue residue as well.
I say "real brave" cause you could make a mess of things if you tried to do a large area at a time...so if you venture this route; do maybe a one square foot area at a time and scrape it as soon as the stripper starts to crinkle the contact paper.

Good to hear of another air cooled on the road. Happy and safe travels 2YA.


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GoWesty sells headliner material and a spray adhesive you can use. You can see it on their online site.
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