Vw Westfalia 1978 automatic trans slipping help!!


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Hi guys;

After engine rebuilt work in my Westy 1978 2.0 type4 (3 months) , I'm having problems with the automatic transmission, after run some minutes "slipping"....the same occurs in all speeds, is necessary turn off the engine a few seconds , when start run fine, but after a few seconds slipping again ...... ATF was removed to rebuilt the engine , after this same ATF added again, the level ATF rod has been revised several times at normal temps at idle, position "N", the marks are good, it feels as if the Torque converter without ATF and the westy does not move.
It is the first time that happens to me, unfortunately I have not much experience with automatic trans.
My trans is a golf or rabbit similar version, not appear specifiv info in my blue bentley manual for station wagons or bus.
Similar experiences?....I want replace for new dexron ATF , but exist a filter for replace or clean??

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