VW T4 California - Stove conversion from meth to propane/butane


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Hi people!
I am a proud owner of a VW T4 California 1991 (2.4D AAB).
I have been looking for ideas on converting my old-fashioned meth spirit stove to propane, for more than a year now. The challenge had the following restrictions: 1. The process should be 100% reversible, just in case a future owner preferred the original equipment. 2. The new gas system should be removable, so that no special tests and/or certifications are required. You just remove it before the technical inspection, and reinstall it afterwards. 3. The new burners should be individually removable, and installable on an external mobile frame, to allow cooking outside the van when the weather is good.

So, I found the ideal solution to the above problem.
Take a look at these burners: https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B072KH5P85/
They are a cheap copy of the original, more expensive Trangia gas burners. It seems that they fit perfectly to the existing 6.5cm burner holes.

The process is as follows:
1. First, remove the entire meth spirit system. You can do that the easy way (under the bench, half-way into the cupboard), or the medium-difficult way (remove the entire stove/sink unit.
2. Pass the gas hose through the hole and clip the burner in place. You may need to widen the clips a bit, to ensure a snug fit.
3. There is enough space of 14cm underneath, to fit a medium size gas bottle. As the burners actually include a preheating tube, you may keep the bottle sideways; this facilitates operation of the regulator knob.
4. The grate needs to be elevated to accommodate the taller burners. For that, you need to have extensions welded to the 4 legs plus some more around. An additional length of 1-1.5cm should suffice. Make sure the inox cover closes on the grate. If not, shorten.
5. To remove, you have two options: a. Disconnect the bottle (if it has a proper valve to stop gas from venting), and then remove the burner from above. b. Unscrew the top mushroom-like part from above, disassemble and remove the base from underneath. Both ways are quick and easy.

That's it! You can cook now like a normal camper... no soot, no smoke, no bad smell, quick and safe.

Future modifications:
1. I will need to have a metal base made, with a 6cm hole for the burner, 3-4 legs and a kettle support, to allow cooking outside the van.
2. I am also thinking to bore holes to the drawer under the cooker, to sink the bottles enough to allow operation with the bottles standing upright.

PS. If you already own a Trangia cooking system, or plan to buy one, then these burners are made to fit just like the original. I an still looking for an affordable, used option, but so far have failed to locate one. Let me know if you come across one at a reasonable price, that would ship to Greece...


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