VW factory sound system repairs

Capt. Mike

Most -- at least in the Type II and Vanagaon era -- factory OE & OEM sound systems were made by Blaupunkt. Motorola was the contract supplier of the VW CB radios in the late '70s and I've heard of some supplied by Panasonic, but Blaupunkt was/is the dominate supplier. Many of the VW radios were "VW brand" but Blaupunkt underneath. My '90 is a Hiedleberg VI inside the VW part-numbered chassis.

Blaupunk & VW have used Midwest Electronics as their factory authorized repair center. It's apparently down the street from Blaupunkt US headquarters in Shilling Park, IL.

I have been most pleased with several repairs over the years in VW & Porsche radios. Quick service, fair prices and quality work.

My latest escapade -- teenager fidgititous of the controls -- awoke me to the fact there is a basic US$12.00 bench fee. Shipping is UPS plus $3.00 handling fee. In my case, still under $20, not counting my UPS charges to them.

Mine did not require repairs -- the teenager had just messed up the controls. But for my $12 they also did a complete diagnosis and checked the tape drive section, so I figure at worst, I paid $12 for a cleaning and professional exam.

/infopop/emoticons/icon_rolleyes.gif DO tell them your code if you have a security style system. Without it, they can't turn it on either! Saves a phone call and time. I did ask if they wanted to hazard a guess on "typical repairs" and was told $65 seems to be about average. They do diagnose and then call with an estimate for authorization. But . . .

Blaupunkt no longer supports my 12 year-old model so if it needed parts beyond generic, I'd probably have been SOL.

Midwest Electronics
3713 North 25th Ave.
Schiller Park IL 60176

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