VW Dealership Inspection... Will it Blend?


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I posted this in the "Getting a Westy" section, but I'm hoping to glean the opinion of those in the technical section.

Long story short: sister on the other side of Canada is buying a Westy, I'm a car nut and have rebuilt vintage cars but can't lay hands on this one and haven't got familiarity with Westys, so I turn to you.

The report returned by the dealership is at the end of this post, is this car a ticking time bomb or is it worth it for $6k and another $2k to fix: wipers, horn, mirror, tires, marker, serpentine belt, wheel bearings, tie rod boot, and upper ball joint (no CV boots... is this a mistake?). I've told her to expect to spend another ~$3k over the next 5-10 years. I'm thinking the VW dealership isn't the right place to go for a 30+ year old car where the eccentricities aren't quite as well understood by guys used to working on the current line-up.

The tranny got rebuilt in Oct. with some Audi parts and some OEM (case may need to be tightened depending on the amount of oil leakage but it's warranted until the end of Dec.), the engine was rebuilt ~3k km ago, the interior is about average from what I can tell, the stove/tank/fridge are operational, the body is OK with some minor and expected rust around the normal spots.

What's your assessment of the report, does it sound like this thing is more hassle than it's worth, or just a dealership making a mountain of an anthill?

Thanks for you insights ladies and gents, it's much appreciated.

- MechEng