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I posted on here last night, but can't seem to find it - so sorry if I am repeating myself!

I am looking to buy a T3, I have just started looking and didn't know there are so many models of VW's and am confused!
Basically I have seen a VW Vanagon GL 1.7 Diesel 1982 for £2200. It has Westfalia on the roof and is a left hand drive.
I can't find one that looks the same as this one - it has a high top, but the roof doesn't slope down at the front like most of them, and it doesn't have windows at the side rear (has windows on the sliding door and opposite) I don't know if this is a DIY job, and if it is - does that matter? If we were to sell it on, would that be a disadvantageto not be original?
So any thoughts would be appreciated, Thanks, Sam