Van rooftop storage


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I hope I have the right forum. I recently purchased my first van; an 87 Vanagon GL, redone as a Syncro camper. I have been looking at the rooftop bin and I was wondering if anyone had an experience using Rubbermaid Tough Totes, or similar item, up there for holding gear? What size works, how many, do articles inside stay dry, etc. I saw a reference to using canoe bags, but I was interested in something with stiffer sides. Thanks.



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The main thing to remember is that there is a 100lb capacity. I'm planning on carrying two inflatable kayaks and paddles up there this year. Easiest is to roll up in 12mm plastic to waterproff and bungee cords to tie down. i prefer keeping the profile low to avoid wind drag and noise.
I wouldn't use the totes unless really shallow ones. I carry my fold up chairs and a small alum table, secured with a bungee system I made. This stuff can get wet with no issues.

Steve Thiessen

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I am a new member with an 87 Westy. One of the brackets on the rooftop storage compartment is broken. Does anyone know where these can be purchased?