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Is there a Westy group in So Cal that gets together for trips etc?
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I regularly attend gatherings in the desert - usually the Mojave. About 8-10 of us have Westys (that number has grown and may continue to grow!!).

They're not bus gatherings per se, more aptly described as Burning Man/Moontribe-style tribal gatherings, often with up to several hundred people (various vehicles), DJ's, cool art, fire dancers.. (I didn't say rave, though comparisons are inevitable)

Naturally, Westys fit right in here and we usually circle our wagons into our little 'bus camp', with shade structures, etc. If you like trance or techno you'll probably enjoy yourself. If not, well.. who knows? All ages are welcome, but usually range from early 20's to 40ish. Interested?

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I am a Westy owner and am also interested in the next Burning Man. When is it?


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Francium Junior Member Posted April 08, 2006 07:30 PM

I'm pretty new to this forum because I purchased my first Westy about 2 months ago ('83 air-cooled). I'm still working out some engine/emmission problems before I can get is smogged, but am really loving this van. To the point...

I'm currently taking a black and white photography class and for my final project are doing a study on VW campers. Among other things, I thouhgt it would be awesome to get several vans together, preferablly one from all 4 generations. I think it is a great oppurtunity to meet other Westy owners in the area, take some portraits of peeps with their rides and get some great timeline shots.

If people help cover the cost of prints (80 cents each) I'd be more than glad to make some 8x10s if you show up to help with the project (I can make larger prints up to 11x17 I think, but the paper gets expensive). These will be one of a kind hand-developed prints. I was hoping to do this next Sunday (16th April) somewhere in San Luis Obispo or possibly Montana de Oro.

The westys I'm looking for don't have to be show quality at all, just something you love. Hell, I'll even shoot other Type 2s, Vanagons and EuroVans, they don't even have to be campers. My van has lived through many winters in Colorado and shows it on the outside so I hold no judgements.

If you're interested please reply to this link or just send me an email at

Thanks bunches