Upcoming Trip


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Just joined this forum today myself and my Wife are planning a trip to Canada and USA for 6 months Starting in Vancouver on the 8th May 2012 and staying around general BC area for 3 months then Travelling to Glacier national Park on Down to Flagstaff across to San diego and back up Pacific Coast taking another 3 months

I was hoping to buy a Good used Westfalia for this trip when i get to BC so if anyone knows of one or wants to rent one for 6 months let me know we are a retired couple so no raving and my nephew in Vancouver is an RCMP officer so rest assured this is a genuine post

Or if anyone of you very experienced people have any other advise on how to travel I looked into the commercial rentals but they are crazy money for a six month rental

Anyway all the best and thanks for listening to me

Myles in Ireland