Transmission damage from running over a rock


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Hello all! More of a two-part question from the same accident. We have a blue '87 Automatic 2wd Vanagon, all original, she's a beauty and everything runs (used to) great and I hate myself for what I did to her. Last fall I thought it would be a good idea to try this sketchy looking gravel road... it obviously wasn't a good idea and I run over a large rock right in the middle. The van bounced pretty good. It still ran ok, but...
1) The damage that we can see is that the engine mount bracket got bent and two bolts were ripped out, that frame with the ball hitch pinched the exhaust pipe against the frame so now you can make milkshakes when the van is running! Any advice on straightening the whole thing? If the exhaust pipe is pinched, the boyfriend thinks we need to replace the whole exhaust system. I find it a bit radical, any of you dealt with this? You can see on the picture how the hitch frame is supposed to be straight and levelled with the bumper but it's not.
2) The shifter is all messed up now. The van won't start unless you are prying the shifter stick down and back so the sensors connect. Also the gears, you have to pretty much feel what gear it's on as they don't align with the letters any more. What could have happened when I hit the rock to dislocate the whole thing? We tried looking undern and everything looks normal as far as we can tell. But we didn't spend much time on it, just wondering if anyone knows what we should be looking for?

I greatly appreciate your help and i'll have more pictures next week as we drive it on a ramp.