torsion bar adjustment


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The suspension on my 70 westy is dead. It's riding on the rubber bounce at all. Can anyone tell me the technique for adjusting the torsion bars. Adjusting them a notch or 2 should give me 4 or 5 inches. I just don't want to go into this blind. So if anyone has done this or knows what steps to take I would greatly appreciate the help.

Capt. Mike

Adjusting torsion bars is given in the Bentley, secion 6-10.3. It does require special tools -- including a bubble protractor. Specs are given in 6-11, table III. Some of the procedures do refer back to Section 6-10.2.

Since this is a procedure that is inter-dependent (combining spline changes to both inner & outer end AND having effect on the opposite side and the front) be sure you understand what you're doing and the effect of each change. This is NOT a pull-it-apart-and-see-what-we-get proceedure. Also see the several cautions & warnings in the two sections.

Camber is also changed by torsion bar adjustment so the vehicle will require a full F&R alignment following. Few have the equipment do that so ask yourself if you might be better off leaving this to the shop?


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After your initial adjustment, the Bentley says to use talcum powder to keep that rubber seal from squeaking under the dustcap.

Thus the question: The torsion splines have been adjusted to specs, but how do you stop those rubber seals under the plate to stop squeaking when rocked back and forth??

Can it be done without being a major project? Any help here would be appreciated.