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Capt. Mike

Index Reminder

;) Reminder; the indexes within a forum may run into a 2nd page. If you don't see an appropriate topic for your problem, be sure there isn't a 2nd page with more topics. Topics perk to the top based on last post, so a topic that hasn't had an update for a while will be at the end. This doesn't have any relationship to the information or importance of the topic. That it's not near the top may just mean that the information is so complete, there's little to add.
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How can i change my nickname?

Sorry for my question...but.. i can't find a place where i can change my Nickname ?
Help me please :(
Thank you.


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Your site

Hellow every body

Could you help me. I have troubles with your site. It it works not fast.
Can somebody help me to solve the problem or explain why it can be so?


Capt. Mike

Classifieds registration

We've had people that question why the Classifieds require registration even though the are registered to and are signed in. The Classifieds are a separate board and require their own registration. They are an affiliated service but not hosted by direct. Thus their requirment of their own registration.


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Stupid Question

Hey everyone... how do I search for more than one word in other posts, so that it returns only posts with those two words?


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adding images


Can someone tell me how to attach images to forum post.

thanks a lot

[Moderator Note: When posting the original "post reply", there is a group of options below the text window. One is "Manage Attachments" which allows you to add thumbnails. If the post is already up, use "Edit" and then "Go Advanced" to reach the same option.]
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Mike re your statement re blog and discussing with yourself. I'm sure its nothing personal, its just that we all are confused re posting, asking questions, not asking questions. I'm sure there are many people like me who haven't worked out your and John's expectations. I can say that I absolutely can not figure out anything in here. When I do post, its never there. I sure could do with some questions and answers as a new Westy owner (84), female and am setting off on the first of two 2 month trips. I've pretty well given up in here and I doubt this will ever see the light of day. Maybe we need a "newbie" forum where we newbies can ask and answer with not such stringent guidelines and yet some control. What sayest thou?:confused:

[Moderator Note: This post was moved from "Vanagon Reliability" topic. Poster is apparently replying to a post by Mike Robinson on his transaxle that went 27 years & ~500k mi. before requiring o'haul. It appears she thinks Mike Robinson is a moderator.]
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Website Comments

Since there isn't a forum for general issues with the website, I'm posting this here since it doesn't really fit anywhere else. I would really like to be able to go through gallery images without having to scroll down each time I go to a new image. Is the iPhone ad really necessary on EVERY page? Granted this is only a minor inconvenience, but when looking through the gallery of member photos it would be so much nicer if they would load at the top of the page.


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Good points!

I've changed a couple of the notices so that they go away after the first appearance. That should bring things up a bit more.

Unfortunately the Images gallery is a separate module that plugs in on a certain part of the page. I'm not crazy about the way it works but haven't found anything better.

I'll keep your comments in mind and see what I can do to improve it.

John B

Capt. Mike

Board Clean Up August 2010

I have been on a "sabbatical" for the last couple of months for health reasons. The boards were thus untouched and unmoderated since early July. I will be going through the boards and deleting those posts that refused to follow site Guidelines,

The amounts of misposts were staggering. :mad: I ran into uncountable spam including one spammer that posted over 50 times. I have also found many "Where can I get?" and "For Sale" items that belong on the Classifieds. The most common failure of many new members was to start a brand new forum or topic when the subject was already answered in an existing forum as specified in Guideline #1. Many members have their email blocked. Some indicated they did not have the factory shop manual (Bentley) required to use the site. As a result, the work load was too heavy to do the usual private messages I send to members (with valid email posted) that their post was cut/moved/edited, and where the info was already posted, where the post was moved to and or why. Use the search engine or 'new posts' to see if your post was moved. Otherwise it was cut for violating site Guidelines.

:( I'm sorry I had to do this large amount of cutting as I'm sure your questions were important to you. If you find your post cut and want to repost, I'll try to give it prompt attention. HOWEVER . . . repost in accordance with the site Guidelines or you'll face the same cuts. Be sure you have updated your personal profile to allow emails so you can get courtesy messages in the future.

Spammers & abusers -- you are not welcome here and your posts will be immediately cut and you will be banned from the site without further notice. Worst cases, porno, drugs and illegal activities will be reported to the appropriate authorities.
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Capt. Mike

When it rains, it pours. After a long absence, I got the boards caught up and then the computer blew. It had some age on it so I did a major upgrade. The computer was down for quite a while, and as before, there are so many misposts and duplicates, I'll have to do some major cutting without the luxury of time to send personalized emails. So if your post is cut or missing, first do a search and read Guideline #4 about indexes and finding material where I might have moved it. If still not found, then READ the Guidelines and repost in the correct forum and I'll get to it as quick as I can. Sorry for the lack of personalization, but misposts pile up so rapidly, I just can't be personal with them. I hope you'll understand because the organization of this site is what sets it up heads & shoulders above the others.
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that you have the right to deduct certain things from your rent. Remember a lease can say anything but that might not be legal. If the landlord does not comply with the lease, then they are breaking it and you might be entitled to damages. . .such as moving expenses, etc.


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I don''t know where else to post this, but there are a couple of things that the web minister ought to know about:

1. The intro page to the site is almost unreadable. Blue on dark gray is not what I'd call legible. Can we go back to the old way ... the way the forum pages are set up?

2. When I tried to make this point in the "Contact" page, the message required a CAPCHA code to be retyped into a box... but the CAPCHA code wasn't visible. Maybe that's why your contact input has been falling off of late...

James Conlin

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Hope everyone is enjoying the new Message Boards.

Please feel free to post as much as you wish in this section.

If you are looking for technical info don't forget to visit the archives. the link is at the top of each page.
Very snazzy!, it takes an old dog a while to adjust to new interfaces but we'll get there. Thanks j