Test for failed water pump?


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Thanks for the support. It's been a while since I was one. My 87 Westy has a 2.1 (Go Westy engine). I am trying to find out if there is a test to see if the water pump has failed. I looked through Bentley and the forums but could not find anything. While I am pretty handy, I am not too familiar with cars. I've done some basic work not the van (new exhaust, new injectors, etc, but nothing too tough), so maybe I am not understanding the value of a cooling system pressure test on a water pump.

Here are the symptoms. Took the van up the Continental Divide. The temp was stable and she pulled up hill fine. Came home and it was the same. The temp was stable, no red lights. Everything seemed normal. At some point after I stopped the van "burped" a fluid near the rear center of the engine. It dried before I could tell what it was. Coolant reservoirs are full. The oil is fine. Put the Westy on blocks and could not find anything under it. Got the car up to temp and let it idle for 30 minutes. Waited and nothing happened. I called a local shop and the mechanic (whom I used in the past and trust) suggest that it might be the water pump and that I should put something under the van and see if anything leaks. Like I said at the start, I am trying to find out if there is a way to test the water pump before I replace it or if I should just go ahead and order a new one and put it in.

P.S. Hope I got the rules right.