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1976 Westy Tent / Poles

I have a rather sad story. I have an excellent 1976 Westfalia pretty much all original. Until Jjuly 5th I had the original tent/poles/stakes that came with it when it was purchased new.

I had the poles / stakes and storage bag in my barn. The tent was in the Westy. We had a barn fire (no animals or people hurt or anything). We just lost everything in the barn including the poles, et al. I wonder if you or anyone here knows of anywhere that we could get these items reproduced? I have some pictures of the tent set up but they don't show the poles themselves inside the tent.

it seems as though I ran across some info about the poles a few years ago but am not sure. Can anyone help out there in Westy Land?



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"Wasser-Stopper" Rainfly

Hi everyone, just wanted to share with everyone that does year around camping that the "wasser-stopper" rainfly is worth it's weight in gold. We have used this multiple times already and can not say how happy we are with it! It literally takes mintues to set up and truly is one of the best items I have purchased for my westy!!! Happy Camping!


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