T2 Westfalia Top


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I am currently looking at a 1974 T2 with a plastic type extended roof.
I need to get it into my garage for major work and I have a height problem.
The plastic roof appears to hinge from rear (about 2/3 thsd) leaving 1/3 thd fixed over the driver.
Can all the plastic roof be removed fairly easily ?
What height would I have once this is removed?
Any info would be appreciated.
Thanks Harry



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Hi, how much clearance do you need? Believe it or not, I once removed the wheels on my bus and brought it in a lower clearance via a large trolley jack. Front in, wheels back on and then the rear wheels off. May sound wacky but it's a heck of a lot easier than removing the top.

Good luck!


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Hello, thanks for info.
Sounds like it could work.
I am currently looking at my up and over garage door and because above it there is wood I think I can modify door and opening gear to give me 86 inch clearance.