Suspension rust & corrosion damage

After removing the front axle assembly (what a pain!) on my 74 Westfalia to patch some small holes, I have found that the holes weren't as small as I thought. Has anyone any experience with welding patches on the front end? I am both worried about the front end fitting back into place after it has been patched and also worried about the inevitable harding that results from welding cracking under use. Can this repair be done effectively/safely? The holes range in size from a 1/4 inch to 1 inch, and exist mostly on the structure around the lower torsion tube on both sides. It has obviously rusted from the inside out (plugged weep holes I suspect).

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I had the same problem on my 69 resurrection bus. I think that the welding bit is for the birds. I replaced the front beam with a solid one from arizona that only cost me $100.00 plus shipping. new ball joints, brakes and misc hardware all totaled out to be about $400.00 a little steep but it beats removeing the whole thing in a coupla months.


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There is a minial amount of rust on the undercarriage (that I will take care of this weekend).

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Minimal rust is NOT the cause of your steering or suspension symptoms. See correct topics this forum. Also see topic on CV joints because a bad CV can give the same symptoms you describe and appear to be coming from the front.