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Well I thought I would just add my 2 cents worth. I have just finished my conversion and test drove it for the first time.I drove it like it was stolen. And it flys!!! I did all the fabrication with the help of a friend who has a nice TIG welder (very handy for making mounts and new brackets). The only problem I had was flywheel bolts that came with my adapter from smallcar were garbage. I had torqued them to only half spec and one broke off and three had streched. The guy from small car is no help. Just tells me to call some guy from outback motors who ever they are. I would think that one might call the person who sold the crap to help with the deffective items instead of washing their hands of it. But other than that samll problem it went very good and runs very smooth.Its almost kinda cool to see the tach wound all the way around
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Adapter plate

As a possibly better alternative to the Kennedy adapter plate, for matching a Subaru flat-four or flat-six engine, to a rear-engined VW transaxle, consider a complete replacement transaxle-clutch-housing, which is tailor-made for the purpose, such as that developed by Richard Jones, a Masters graduate of Engineering Design, in Staffordshire, England. This approach, enables one to use a factory-stock, unmodified Subaru engine, complete with the original Subaru flywheel, clutch and starter motor.

Richard's day-job, is as a design engineer for JCB, who manufacture the large-scale earth moving equipment, but in his spare time, he is actively involved in various forms of VW modification; running R J Engineered Solutions, as a side-line commercial venture and is a contributor to the UK-based, Kombi Konnection, Internet forums; including VWKD - VW Camper and Beetle Conversion from aircooled to watercooled.

I am aware from past correspondence with him, in late-January 2006 (i.e. almost three years ago), that Richard intends to further develop the replacement clutch housing if necessary, to enable transplantation into rear-engined VWs, of the recently introduced, 150 bhp, 2•0 litre, Subaru flat-four turbo-diesel engine; of which he hopes to obtain a second-hand specimen, from a car wrecker, at sometime in the future.

Richard Jones
R J Engineered Solutions,
Tel. +44 (0) 7761 788669 (Mobile)
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New owner of 1986 Westy, automatic transmission, water cooled, full camper with definite interest in converting to Suburu 2.2L engine. After spending all weekend in 1st and 2nd gear, snailing up 9 to 11% grades, these forums on full conversions sound like the ticket for me. Don't have the confidence, space and 1.5 months of time of doing it myself, so I plan to hire it done.
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I agree, I bought a 1990 Stock Westy Camper, and have test driven Subaru conversion Westy's , the difference is minimal , except for a turbo 2.2 Synchro that I tried out. greg


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Greetings all! I just joined the forum today. I have an 88 Westy with an 04 Subaru conversion. I couldnt start this spring and it appears after removing the starter, it is shot and needs to be replaced. The question is, what would be the best or preferred starter to put in? Strangely (to me) the starter is a Bosh VW starter and not a Subaru. What I am also confused about is what to ask for at the parts counter, it is quite the discussion. Could anyone point me in the right direciton sourcing the starter, and any other general discussion would be gladly received. Thanks.



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Love my subigon, but leave the trumpet at home

I performed my 2.2 conversion 2 years ago and have been very satisfied with it ever since. I have gained a couple miles per gallon better mileage, its much smoother and quieter and it loves to rev now. I went with the KEP conversion because of cali's smog laws which uses a air filter assembly that has (or had) a intake snorkel that tapered down to the size of a half dollar. Well, convinced that that would rob me of performance, I got rid of that snorkel in about 2 seconds with a hack saw. So I've suffered with the trumpet noise at idle ever since, or at least until last weekend. I decided to try and graft in a noise reducing resonator (like most Subaru's use) into the fresh air intake hose made of 1-1/2" abs tubing. It took some trial and error, but I was able to locate that 'sweet spot' of tubing length, hence volume, that eliminated at least 80% of the trumpet at cold idle, 95% of the trumpet at warm idle. Now I can barely tell if the engine is running or not when coming to a stop. Just thought I would share my modification with the rest of you guys. :eek:


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For years I’ve had a 73 camper. Had a 68 before. I’m not a fan of vw motors so after one brake down in Maine I got a 81 Corolla engine and completely rebuilt it. Got a Kennedy kit to connect it to the vw transmission have the radiator up top in a 24x17 box. Drive it back and forth from Tennessee to Maine without any problem. Subarus are Maines official cars but I dont like them that 3TC Toyota motor is what Toyota built their reputation on. It’s about 75 hp gives plenty of power. I did have to use Mercedes rims on the back with 75 tires to keep the rpms down. I think I’m going to put a freeway flyer in it instead. It just hums along!! I did make the box up top smaller in the last picture.


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