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Big South Fork is one of the best kept secrets in the National Park system. It's fairly new and the facilities are very nice at Bandy Creek campground (water and electric hookups and modern bathrooms). They even have stables for your horse. The historic town of Rugby is nearby. Mountain Biking is big in the park. Many nice trails, some shared with horseback riders. Instructions on how to do this without getting into trouble are given by the ranger. We drove our 85 Westy up there together with our neighbors and their 89. Even with 0.2 litres less displacement, ours with 4 speed is envenly matched on hills with their automatic. Don't expect a Disneworld atmosphere here as in Gatlinburg (Smoky Mountain National Park, Tennessee). BSF is great for those with imagination and bicycles. They have a storytelling festival in September. Reservations are needed for this. There's also a train ride from Blue Heron Campground in the northern section of the park.


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I live outside of Chattanooga, TN. Where is Big South Fork, TN? It sounds like a great place to camp. My VW club here loves to camp out together, some in Westies, some not. Do they have a website to visit? Thanks for the information.

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Reguardless whether you like to hunt or not you can camp at public hunting lands year round. I have found that many of the campsites listed in the map book go unused most of the year even during deer season. Most campsites are primative but have some type of out house. I usualy pick the smaller land areas because you are less likely to have any visitors. For more information check out this site

And scroll down to Limited Public Use (LPU) Permit - $12 if you are only intrested in camping.