South African Grill Kit


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Im interested in buying the South African Grill kit from the Bus Depot for an 85 Westy. Has anyone tried this on their Westy? How is the fit? I emailed them earlier to find out if it comes with all the hardware and instructions. But have not received a reply yet. Also I would like to know if the grill comes with the lights. Thanks..

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If you are refering to front end "Roo Bars" Grill protectors - I am also interested in finding out anything I can to get them for my '79 Westy'


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One manufacturer, Projektzwo, has their own (English avail.) website.

Van-Again, a US supplier claims to carry them. Van-Again's site lists them with lights included, but I would verify the hardware, fit and lights before ordering.

I strongly suggest you read the PARTS forum comments on the various vendors before ordering.

Naranjo99: Grill & light guards have their own topic.

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