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Amorphous solar cells

You're right, you get what you pay for. Those are amorphous solar cells, much cheaper to produce. Type amorphous solar cells into Google and you'll get a screen-full of hits. Here's one summary:
Amorphous Silicon Solar Cells
The efficiency of amorphous solar cells is typically between 6 and 8%. The Lifetime of amorphous cells is shorter than the lifetime of crystalline cells. Amorphous cells have current density of up to 15 mA/cm2, and the voltage of the cell without connected load of 0.8 V, which is more compared to crystalline cells. Their spectral response reaches maximum at the wavelengths of blue light therefore, the ideal light source for amorphous solar cells is fluorescent lamp.

Another said their true power is less than their rated because the technology biases the output higher than true useable. Wouldn't peak efficiency under a flourescent lamp defeat the entire premis of "solar" cell?
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