So I bought this sidewall tent. . .


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. . . and after a couple hours, I finally figured out how to set it up! Now here's the problem. . . I don't think it goes with my '83. Furthermore, I can't figure out how the awning attaches to the vehicle. Well, I see how it could attach, but there's no way to do it and have it stay attached. It'll stand by itself using the awning poles, but then it kinda defeats the purpose of having a tent that attaches to the vehicle if the poles/lines interfere.

I've attached a photo here in the hopes that someone can give me some advice/suggestions. It came without the instruction manual and it was made by Outdoor Venture Corporation in Stearns, KY. I called 'em to see what kind of information they had and they didn't have any, but I'm hoping someone has a similar tent/setup who can help me out. Thanks!