Sleep cushion mould


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Sooo. There was a bit of an accident on the sleep cushion is my '76 westfalia and thought it had cleaned been cleaned well enough and ....of course it wasn't and now is extremely covered in mould.
Any one dealt with this before?
How have you washed the removable sleep cushion cover? As in throwing it in the washing machine? Mostly curious about how I should do this - hot or cold/throw it in the dryer or should I be extremely worried of shrinkage??
I bought the classic carpet and upholstery cleaner but that's all I got so far.
Blaaaa really worried about wrecking this cushion. Shrinking it or wrecking that sweet orange/green plaid.
Also. The cushion inside the sleep cushion. Garbage??


Persil liquid detergent (sold at Walmart), cold water, no dryer.

Don't let the Wally-world part bother you. I've also seen Persil in Shop-Rite stores. This is about the best "clean up darn near anything" detergent, period. If Persil doesn't get it out, it ain't comin' out. In Europe, Persil is the gold standard for laundry work.

It's high end, and you get better value for money with the powder, but, with very few exceptions (Miele appliance dealers, maybe), powder's not available in the States. If you have access to a good front loader, that will help, too. If not, follow the directions for a top loader.

DISCLAIMER: Persil is made by Henkel KGaA, a German company. My wife was their primary IP attorney for the US. We hold their stock and have retirement benefits. (Please buy Persil, Loctite, and other fine Henkel products so we can live in the manner we want to grow accustomed to)