Sizing Deep cycle - 2nd battery


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I've just picked up a '78 Westy. The previous owner put a regular battery in for a 2nd battery. He said he thought it should be a deep-cycle battery, but he never got around to putting one in. I think the battery is about dead...reads only 10.5 V after being plugged in the night before.

I'm trying to get the proper battery installed. I went to a local autoparts store (Pep Boys). The smallest deep cycle battery would not physically fit on the left side of the engine compartment.
So my questions -

-I assume if I do find one that fits - that it is ok to put a deep cycle battery here, with a regular battery hooked up on the right side.

-What size battery will fit here?

I have searched the archives -but can't seem to find this answer. I assume this is a pretty straight forward issue-that must have been addresses before, but I couldn't find it.

Thanks for any tips...


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I found a very good video on Utube about adding a deep cycle battery in a '88 Westy. The well under the driver seat will not allow any of the normal deep cycle batteries used for fishing, campers etc.
They used 3 d.c. 12v batteries made to run electric wheel chairs, wired in parallel. They are 22 amp-hour batteries, 66 a.h when connected. Added feature: he put a battery tender in the 120v shore power circuit to charge the setup whenever it was connected to outside power.