SIR Tools

Capt. Mike

A member pointed me to another source of VW factory tools, SIR Tools. I now have their catalog & price list. They provide tools for many vehicle brands and I noted a number are identical to the tools specified in the MBenz, Porsche & VW shop manuals. Others appear to be designed for specific tasks but are not exactly like the factory tools.

Sir started as a VW air-cooled repair shop and found the scarcity of European specialty tools a problem, so began manufacturing his own. Tool Distributors became interested in his designs and he began production of tools for them. S.T. tools are now provided to factory shops and many are sold under Distributor brand labels. A number appear identical to the S-P & Zelenda brand tools (own forums).

Their web site has a list with pictures of all their tools, broken down by category. There is a catalog request email address, sales fliers page, and warranty details. I am disappointed in there is NO price list -- one must send a request for quote via their 'order form.' This makes it very difficult to shop and make decisions.

These are not cheap knock-offs or made-in-China junk, so are priced accordingly. I invite any shops or individuals with these tools to post their experiences.