Sink, Water pump, 2nd battery wiring Question. Help!


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I am sorry, I am putting this here because I am not sure where the problem lays.

I am a new owner of an '87 Westfalia (US). Thought I would do some "minor" or "easy" repairs myself, not realizing 2 things. 1. Previous owners can and will change wiring from the standard and 2. I am an idiot.

Here is what I did last weekend:

I was told by my mechanic that some of my problems were; the sink water pump needed to be replaced and the aux battery was going bad and needed to be changed and the relay set up was not good and needed to be changed (More on that later).

First, I replaced the water pump (bought from go westy) and also replaced the faucet with the new Sureflo. Now I really to not think that I did anything wrong on these, esp the wiring. However, I did not have a chance to check it because I had no water in the tank. (and nothing to put water in the tank.. I know I know). So I moved on to the second task.. the aux battery. At A Recommendation, I bought a Yandina 100 combiner to replace the relay. I pulled the seat and then was pulling the battery and noticed the wiring was alot different than expected. Here is what I found:

1. Positive terminal had two wires.. 1 went into the sink cabinet, 2. went to the relay.
2. On the relay, I found a connection which presumed to go under, over to the main battery. Then there were a blue wire and a green wire that went into the relay from parts unknown.
3. there was another blue wire and green wire that comes out of the relay and goes across to behind the driver seat to another relay which is was wired into the fuse box for the fridge and sink. The relay was wired into one fuse, which I also found to have burnt out.

I spoke to my mechanic friend (specialized in Vanagons) and he told me to take out the 2nd relay by the fuse box and connect the two red wires that look like they go with the fuse box. He told me to take the first relay out and connect the Yandina in there. The blue and green wires that came in, he told me to tape off.

The combiner appears to do what its supposed to do.

Now the problems... I filled the tank with a little water. The red light at the bottom came on. The battery was on only a yellow level. But the sink does not work. I have no idea why not. I also note that the light above the counter is not working. I checked the connections for the pump and the sink, all seem ok. I am perplexed.

On a related note, the radio no longer works, so I think that was related to the blue and green wires I taped off.

I have photos of the wiring as I found it if anyone wants to see. So sorry for the long email.




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After six years of problem free enjoyment in our 1995 Eurovan Westfalia Camper, one of the last to come to North America, the fuse (house #2) for the water pump is blowing. I have no idea what would be a likely place to start looking for the short. Is this a common experience that has a likely source for the problem or should I just start at the faucet and work my way back to the pump. Thanks for any insights.