Sink/Icebox retrofit

72 VW

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I'm looking for one and have located one from a 69 Westy. Does anyone know if this will fit my 72? My bus has the drainage opening behind the passenger seat- like maybe it had a sink at one time? And the one I've located is going for $200. Is that reasonable? Thanks!

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Forum Guideline #7: Your dealer can look up the parts and tell you if there are any changes between a '69 and a '72 in regard to equipment. His fiche will also tell you which parts are different if, for instance, the cabinet is the same but the sink, plumbing or tank are different. From this info, you can then decide if the substitution is feasible.

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69 water tank retrofit

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Does anyone have any suggestions for retrofitting a water tank in the sink/fridge unit from a '69? It came to me without this important feature so I have never seen what it should look like. Is it rigid or non-rigid? Would an H2O sunshower work? How is the ventilation configured? Thanks for any help.


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I think a '69 would be the same as our '73 so should have a rigid tank that fills through an opening in the top of the cabinet next to the sink. You can still get the original camper owner manual and interior workshop manual to see how they were vented and plumbed. The tanks were US made by Delta Six industries -- still in business. I'd think a more practical solution today would be a rigid shell with a bladder type liner.


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71 Westy sink/ice box

Hi all,

I am new to this website and need to know where to find an original bay window camper owner manual. I have the owners manual but if there is another one available for a Westy I would like to know. Bought the bus 2 1/2 yrs ago and the sink/ice box is the final project to complete. It has no water tank but has all the vent & drain lines. Didn't see anything on this site so if anyone has info to share it would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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[Moderator Note: Several vendors have manuals. Guideline #4.]
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