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I just bought my first Westfalia (1984) and have ordered the Bentley manual and also the Owners manuals for the vehicle. In the meantime I'm looking it over and trying to figure out how things work.

One thing I immediately noticed is that my sink seems to be least it doesn't want to drain for some reason.

So, I took apart the sink trap from under the sink and found no problem there. I removed the hose that runs from the sink trap to the gray water tank. The hose was kinked at the tank end and part of the tank connection had broken off in the hose. Anyway, I replaced the hose and hooked everything back up...and
it still doesn't drain. But I am glad I replaced the old hose.

I do find however that if I remove the drainage cap from the gray wanter tank underneath the vehicle that the water shoots right through and out the hole.

I'm now thinking that maybe there is a plug somewhere that I need to unscrew that will let some air into the system.

Anybody know what I'm doing wrong?

Paul Kissel
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I am not sure what modifications may have been done to your system but from the factory there is no gray water tank. The drain is directly through that hole that you are taking the cap off. The normal way of doing things are take cap off put in place a gray water holding tank and use your sink normally. When you are ready to leave camp remove the tank and empty it in nearby toilet and be on your way.

Gowesty, sells a nice collapsible 5 gal. tank. It comes with a hose that attach to the drain.


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Thanks for the post. I'm embarrased to say but I never got under the VW to check to see if there really was a holding tank. Just assumed there was since my wife said her parents (heavily modified) Westy had one. I even mentioned the issue to our local VW mechanic and he didn't tell me there was no tank.

My Westy has not be overly modified so I would bet there is actually not a tank.

Thanks again!!
Paul K.\
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I have an 83 Westy and have had the spout on the p-trap drain break off in the old hose. I ordered a new p-trap from, although it was a slightly different style.

The old one has two halves: the top - which is 'mounted' to the bottom of the sink, and the bottom - which has four long tabbed screws which connect to the top. The new one is now all one piece - with just one tabbed screw at the very bottom to allow complete drainage or air drying.

The problem/question I have is: How do I remove the old p-trap? Is it screwed on to something (in which case it should twist off), or is it really mounted to the sink unit? There seems to be a black gasket between the top half of the p-trap and the sink part. The new p-trap seems to have a screw thread around the inside which would imply that it should twist on to something.

Does anyone have an idea or a way I could/should remove the old one? Thanks for your help.

Capt. Mike

The P-trap is screwed onto the drain assembly, which is a very generic (US made) fitting. The original uses a threaded 'slip collar' wherein the collar is threaded and hold the P-trap against the drain. Westfalia often used sealers, thus I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't want to come off.

If concerned about damaging the drain assembly trying to turn it, CUT the old P-trap off. You can use a Dremel, file or similar tool to cut into the collar to weaken it without going all the way through into the drain threads.
/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif Thanks a bunch Capt. Mike!
I used a small hacksaw to saw through the plastic p-trap, and it came off nicely. I replaced the p-trap and the water pump - and now I'm all set! (the replacement hose that came from - while nice and flexible - was too short)

Capt. Mike

See my suggtestion about routing your gray water out the side of the vehicle so you can use a portable gray water tank. It give syou more cabinet space and allows an easy modification to comply with the strict gray water rules in most campgrounds. (Fed fine >$100.) There are pics posted on my pic site linked from the home page.

Capt. Mike

See my suggtestion about routing your gray water out the side of the vehicle so you can use a portable gray water tank. It give syou more cabinet space and allows an easy modification to comply with the strict gray water rules in most campgrounds. (Fed fine >$100.) There are pics posted on my pic site linked from the home page.


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very very SMELLY drain

Just can't figure it out, I took the drain assembly off and cleaned the hose with a home made screw brush, washed it with several cleaning solutions two times. it helped a weeee bit but the very next time we went camping there was the smell from hell all over again. I sort of suspect that it is actually coming from right under the drain, just under where you put the stopper on but...what do I know.... lol. good to be posting again love to have my 81 westy fresh n clean smelling, please?

Capt. Mike

One, check the drain stopper itself, gunk gets under the rubber seal. Also check the underside of the drain opening grid itself.

Two, follow the drain system all the way. You have a drain bowl that serves as the pea trap but it has a resevoir below the hose level, so that could have filled. Where the hose connects to the pea trap and to the discharge fitting creates shoulders that could have accumulated debris that a flush-type cleaning doesn't get to. They have trouble with grease because they will flow freely by.

Have you tried one of the foaming drain cleaners? It seems to me that if you put some down the hose with the outer drain capped, that would eliminate the trap-to-outlet part. Then the trap itself, followed by a strong disinfectant like liquid Lysol.
Sink Drain Unit T4 California 1994


I have a 1994 T4 Westfalia California pop top.

The sink drain unit has cracked. I know on earlier models this was known as the P-Trap.

As far as I am aware, everything is standard. There is a two burner gas stove mounted in the frame that contains the sink i.e. the sink is part of the frame.

The fitting and plug in the drain hole in the sink is Taiwanese.

Have attached a pic - hope it's still big enough that you can see it.

Does anyone know a) how this comes to pieces? Because it's cracked I haven't applied too much force to it.


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I have a similar question...I need to replace the black faucet on my sink as one of the two male fittings underneath have been broken. I could rig it but think it best to replace the faucet...any ideas? Substitutes? Any suggestions??
Thanks everyone.

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hi, i recently purchased a 69 westafalia camper, iam not able to find where is the water storage and water outlet tank,pls help me to locate


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Sink drain water

I own a 'Westfalia California'1996; the problem is that the water doesn’t drain out from the car. I don't have a tank for the waste water; it goes out directly with a pipe under the car, near the left back wheel.
I poured 3-4 Liter in the sink, and the water went out from it, but didn't go out under the car, and there is no water in the car inside the cupboard.
My questions are:
o Where does the water can be?
o How can I check the drain water pips for a leak?
o Do I have to dismantle the cupboard? And if so, how can I do it?

With Thanks,


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Re-building Sink

Hello everybody! I am restoring a 79 Westfalia Deluxe Camper and I am having some difficulty figuring out how to finish the sink. The bus came to me already taken apart and I do not have the excess funds to purchase a camper version of the manual (the bus came with the non-camper edition), all funds go straight into the bus.

So I am wondering if anybody has an easy run-down of how the sink works, how it connects etc. There are two round holes cut into the body of the vehicle directly behind the sink cabinet. A crazy twisty black drain pipe sticks out of one these holes and also runs straight down to drain out the bottom. But this black pipe is in no way connected to my water tank, so I guess this is another outlet for grey water? In the left cabinet there is my water tank, which has the long tube which runs up to the top of the cabinet so it can be filled next to the sink. The faucet is attached to black tubing which is no more than 2 feet in length. There is also the little round switch which has wires running from it. I would imagine this would go to the water pump to switch it on and off?

The rest is a complete mystery... Is there anybody who could either photograph their sink, their manual or something that would help me out in getting my sink back together? I would really really appreciate it! I'm sure I could just figure it out, but I want to avoid as many bumps in the road as I can.

Laura Anne