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I was able to find one of the Coleman "Camp Shower" (P/N 827-500) at a K-Mart for <$20. Immediately after, Hurricane Isabel gave me the opportunity to test it. We lost power for a day and like any storm, I spent it getting dirty cleaning up debris.

I have an emergency generator so we do have water, fridge/freezer and nominal lights. We DON'T have enough for the hot water heater or stove. I broke out the old Coleman camp stove and heated our largest cook kit pan -- about 1 gal. -- until beginning to boil. I poured that into a bucket and added enough cold water for a warm shower -- probably 2-2½ gal. total.

It was wonderful. The shower was more than satisfactory. I did the "Navy style" shower and had plenty for washing hair and even a shave. There was stil 3-4 inches left in the bucket when it was over.

My only suggestion is to have the heated water at full boil when setting up the mix bucket -- by the time you've got it all done, carried up to the bathroom and are in the shower, it's cooled a fair amount.

I did have some trouble draining the unit. Moisture stays in the hose and I didn't want it to develop into mold. When it wouldn't dry in a couple of days, I poured a few ounces of rubbing alcohol down the pump & hose -- that did the trick. Remove the batteries for storage. It has a 5-year limited warranty.
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They are quite frugal aren't they? Makes you realize how much we waste each day in the shower. I'm not sure I'd want to put alcohol in the pump- I know they're inexpensive, but I'd worry about drying out the rubber parts. I hang mine outside (pump up) and it dries in a few days.


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Showering inside the Vehicle (2)

Four-five days w/o a shower and your friends aren't so friendly.
I also use a back-packers 4 D size battery powered shower inside my rolling apartment. Put a stopper in the sink and fill it to the top with water. Take out a small potfull of water from the sink and heat it on the stove to a temperature that when combined back into the sink will provide the desired temperature. Put the shower's draw tube in to the sink and drape the spigot over the pop-top's lifting bar (no need to lift the top). Cover the entire floor with a plastic tablecloth, making sure to have plenty of exta material going vertical (splash guard)) next to wall, seats and cargo door (don't forget to close the curtains ). Perform a military shower (use 1/3 of water for first rinse, lather and finish up). It's better to adjust the spigot to a very light spray because 1). It saves water for the end rather than to use it up and be stranded with no way to rinse off soap and 2). It reduces splash. Gather four corners of the tablecloth and dispose of water.
...and yes, I have taken many showers @ Walmart parking lots, with no one the wiser...
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Originally posted by 85Westy:
Regarding the caming shower... If you go to, and read some of the dispatches from the South American trip, one of the travellers (Larry) built a warm water shower on the underside of his rear hatch and used (I think) the rear heater as the heat source. He has a link that you can go to for the details.
After searching the over 100 "dispatches", here is the link for those of you that don't want to spend all that time...

*** Note: and there's actually no link on how to build it, just reference that they did. Wish I knew how????
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'89 westy gl.....just picked up a shower/utility tent made by northwest territory at kmart for $35(on sale usually $40)...set it up in the yard. Looks good, has a shelf unit for items (shampoo, soap etc) and little pockets for whatever....has a rainfly for over the netting roof...a collecting bottom made of plastic...little window screened for ventilation. Only drawback it seems is the instructions say you can only hang 16 lbs from the top bar(2 gal. water)(not a problem if you use a bucket on the ground and a small pump to run water to the top). It can also be used for storage when not in use as shower. The whole thing weighs i'd say about 10 lbs.


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Inside the bus we hang a solar shower from the bar that you push up the top with. We (and the kids) sit in a big storage type bin that we got at home depot - I think it measures around 2.5' X 1.5'. We use the bin to transport our fire wood, empty it out by the fire pit and then use it as a "bath tub" - works great.


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Actually, there is a sink part that came from Canadian westies, that is for sale on this very site- if you look into the ads. It replaces the sink spigot, with a shower head and hose, that fits like a kitchensink sprayer. Pretty slick.
Dave- 1990 Westy

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I use one of the 5-gallon solar showers for beach trips. I lay mine down in the front luggage rack with the clear side up and use a couple of cable ties to secure the handle to the luggage tie down. When I want to use it or fill it, I flip it out of the rack and lay it on the windshield. I have an on/off fill valve with about 1 foot of rubber hose and a sprinkler can style head on the end of it.

Need to be careful here in Florida as the water can get really warm by the end of the day.

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For both showering and toilet, I have one of the shower tents. Most of the time, the porta-potty sits in it. For showering, the potty comes out. I then use a Zodi brand propane-heated camp shower. It pumps water with batteries and heats with propane.

I bought two 24-inch-square hardwood deck pieces from Ikea for $5 each. They're less than an inch thick. We use one in the shower tent all the time. It keeps the porta-potty from rocking. We normally use the other as the platform to step into the Westy. However, when we shower, we use it outside the shower tent so you have something that isn't swamp to step on to when you're clean.

We use Campsuds for all showering (shampoo, soap, etc.) in an effort to reduce pollution. However, some campsites don't allow outdoor showering under any condition. We do have a gray water tank and tried to figure a way to stand in a tub in the shower tent, but most of the water spashes outside of tub anyway.


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Glind Hot Water Shower Systems

The The ultimate in four wheel drive and camping accessories. The Glind Aussie Car and Boat Shower guarantees the luxury of a refreshing hot or cold shower wherever you are….the outback, the beach, camping or touring. This kit includes fuse, water and dust proof fuse holder, 10 amp silver contact switch, dustproof boot, stainless steel band radiator clamps for both 5/8" and in four wheel drive and camping accessories. The Glind Aussie Car and Boat Shower guarantees the luxury of a refreshing hot or cold shower wherever you are….the outback, the beach, camping or touring. This kit includes fuse, water and dust proof fuse holder, 10 amp silver contact switch, dustproof boot, stainless steel band radiator clamps for both 5/8" and 1/2" hose, 11/2 metres Gates heater hose in both 5/8" and 1/2", nuts, bolts and washers to secure pump and eye lugs and other terminals, wire, 80 screen in line filter, hands free shower rose bracket, hospital grade 2.5m shower hose (with chrome plated brass fittings) and the best variable flow shower rose available. The Glind Original is the only large capacity shower system to incorporate a marine grade water pump. This pump will run at 11 l/min at 50 psi at open flow. Maximum flow through the Glind Shower Rose is up to 7L per minute. By using such a large pump you will be able to access water from below ground level or draw water from a creek.