Shop manual error!

Capt. Mike

I recently had an inquiry about the correct torque to use on Vanagon rear axle nuts. The table in the Bentley shop manual specifies 253 ft-lb. or 350 Nm. Inside (Section 42.4) the blowup digrams says 360 ft-lb (500 Nm). When you go to brakes (Section 46.6), it's back to 253 ft-lb.

The 360 ft-lb is a typo where the author used the Nm number instead of ft-lb and then converted it again to come up with the 500 number. Go with the majority and use the 253 ft-lb. It also matches the torque for pre-80 Type II's which used the same axle.

You might notice that there has been a nut supercession to a 12-slot from the old 6-slot. Nothing the matter with the 6-slot, but this makes it easier to get the cotter pin to line up without under or over-torqueing the nut. You might consider upgrading if you haven't already.

RE: Wheel lug nuts on Vanagons: The 123 ft-lb for rear lug nuts is shown in on page 42.4. For front on suspensions up to October 31, 1984 it's 123 ft-lb on page 40.2; But it jumps to 133 ft-lb on page 40.7 for models after Nov 1, 1984. Do lube lugnuts each time or you'll pay dearly if you ever get a flat and have to use the little VW lug wrench.
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