Shift Linkage Grease Question

Mr. Jimmy

New member
First time poster . . . I've cleaned the "ball and cup" linkage back by the transmission on my '84 and will be replacing the torn boot. I've got a few questions: 1. What type of grease do folks recommend? The old stuff (probably original, very hard, and there was very little of it left) looked like white lithium or something similar; 2. Do you "pack" the cup with grease or simply grease the ball and cup before assembling it; and 3. Should I lube the shift rod bushings (front and back)? My '84 does not have boots over the bushings and they don't appear to have ever been greased. They appear to be in good shape with little or no play. My thought is that grease might attract dirt and grit and become abrasive. My other thought was to try a "dry" lube such as is used on bike chains, which is designed to not attract and hold dirt and grit. Thoughts?
Thanks for any help!