Seat & bunk massagers, heaters, ortho devises, etc.



Greetings fellow Westy owners, I would consider this a gadget and thats why I posted it here but considering my luck as of late Im sure it will be moved or removedor Capt Mike will tell me the subject has been covered quite extensively in some other posting and remove it completely.
I purchased a HomeEdics model SBM-200 back massager and strapped it under the Sheep skin seat cover. Next, I drilled a 3/4 inch hole into the cabinet behind the drivers seat. I threaded the wire through the hole and plugged it into a Xantrex 400 Portable power unit that sits perfectly into the cabinet behind the drivers seat.
Now when I travel, I do so in great comfort!!!!
The HomEdics unit comes with a remote that has three settings,one for lower back one for upper back and one for upper and lower massage.I might add that this massage seat is not a light weight sissy tip of the finger rub; this is like having Madam Olga at the Sweedish Sauna rubbing you down.The Xantrex unit is no light weight power source either.
Just thought I would pass this idea on.
Happy and safe trails to all..........RCB

Capt. Mike

Nope; just changed the title so it would encompass some of the orther seat & bunk 'gadgets'. My wife frequently uses a "tush cush", one of the wedge-shaped pillows that restores the verticle sitting position to avoid backaches.

I once drove a friends car that had one of those seatback 'massagers' that looks like rows of abacus beads. Thought it was so uncomfortable I don't see how it could help the back.

Guys: Your butt & hip begin to ache after a long trip? Check your wallet. If it's anything like mine it's full of credit cards, membership cards, pictures of the kids and everything but soft money. It presses on a set of crossover muscles and creates a pain called Paraforma Syndrome. At the risk of forgetting it when you need it most, put it in the consol of glove box while driving for more than say an hour.

Mike Robinson

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This is so cool I get to correct Capt Mike!!!

It is Piriformis Syndrome - named after the piriformis muscle that lives - as correctly stated by the good Capt - under the back pocket of your jeans.

When this muscle gets irritated (by the wallet digging into it)it spasms to protect itself and this causes one or both of two things - it jams the sacro-illiac joint - which is very, very (as far as you can go down) back pain, or worse irritates the sciatic nerve (muscle based sciatica) which is not nice as it also causes jamming of the sacro-illiac joint and then everything goes horribly wrong and you get a pain travelling down the back of the leg, possibly down the back of the calf and if you have it really badly it includes toes as well (the path of the sciatic nerve).

This condition is usually caused by years of sitting on your wallet - so as Capt Mike recommends put the wallet somewhere else when driving.

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After years of back trouble from all kinds of things, I stopped carrying my wallet in my back pocket always! My back has been much better since. I also use a lumbar support all the time as well and it makes a huge difference



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I must say, there are nothing like heated seats, particularly if you spend as much time under your Westy as I do mine!

Since the Westy seat upholstery (68-79) is fairly easy to remove. I put seat heaters in. So simply. You can even cut the pads to fit your VW. The switch is very 'stealth' so you can hide it to protect you VW's originality.

Here is the link where I bought them:

Heck, if anything, they can keep us all limber enough to shimmy around the bottom of our Westys for years to come!