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Precision Motors, owner Calvin Ross.

I recently took a trip across Canada from west to east. Immediately I had performance issues with the vehicle. I had trouble making any hill over 20 MPH and even the smallest incline would cause my '83 aircooled westy to drop in speed.

We stopped in the Wagon Shop in Bellevue, WA (where the trip started) but they couldn't find anything. But we had to get to the east coast no matter what, so we trucked on. We didn't find another westy mechanic until Calgary (forget the name). He said the fuel lines were dirty, and cleaned them out. But that didn't help...

We had to continue the journey, although there were definately Van troubles.

Of all places to stumble upon the best westy guy around, we found him in Regina. His name is Calvin Ross and his shop is called Precision Motors. He basically stopped what he was doing to help a poor traveller out. When I saw the wide range of Vanagons/Westys in back of his shop I knew I found the person that was going to fix our problem. This guy was very tenacious in tracking this one down. He spent two days on the Van, and replaced everything that he could think of that would cause a performance issue until he came to the catalytic converter.

After replacing this with a "test pipe" for 50 bucks, we were back on the road. He worked almost 2 days on this vehicle and only charged me 200 in labor.

I was amazed at the difference in performance. I could now actually accelerate UP HILLS! wow, now I'm spoiled. Too bad we already travelled 3,000 miles in this state.

I can't recommend this shop enough. Calvin has a great mind for vehicles, especially German made. He also owns a '62 split window!

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We had a few minor problems on our cross Canada trip and stopped in to Precision Motors to have them looked after. Calvin was very busy but squeezed us in the next day and we were back on the road by the afternoon. Calvin is a fellow VW enthusiast and knows VW's.